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Is the Don Siegelman story about to go large?

CBS is reportedly still working hard on a “60 Minutes” segment on former Gov. Don Siegelman’s trial and incarceration, despite some suspicions that political pressure had forced the network to back off.

Some of those in Alabama who have been cooperating with the CBS crew said they thought the report would air this month, but now it looks like it will be on some time in January.


“60 Minutes,” of course, is not only on a major network, it is also known for going into depth on stories like this and is reportedly in possession of some revelations not previously known about the back story that could be devastating for those who seemed determine to eliminate Siegelman from the Alabama political scene.

One Siegelman partisan close to the story and cooperating with the “60 Minutes” producers emailed me this week and said he had been involved in “extensive detail work with CBS yesterday and today. They have been requesting photos and film footage and info to develop graphics.”


The “only downside is that in the midst of this, Don is nearing his sixth month in prison. The 11th circuit asked [U.S. presiding Judge Mark] Fuller to give a reason for the incarceration [rather than grant bail pending appeal] expeditiously and today is the 33rd day since they made the request.

“Also, Fuller is responsible for the transcript and you know how that is going,” he added, referring to the transcript of the trial that more than a year and a half after the trial still has not been produced.

My corespondent was also bitter that Fuller “was able to hold a clandestine hearing to free Lanny [Young] 13 months early.” That was in reference to the Dec. 11 release of a key prosecution witness on the bribery charges against Siegelman. Young had gotten two years in the slammer for his part in what a federal jury concluded was a crime, but served only 11 months.

Since he was jailed, it has been revealed that Young had allegedly provided similar bribes for Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions and former Alabama Republican attorney general and now U.S. Judge District Bill Pryor, neither of whom were even investigated, much less indicted and tried.

“It’s really hard for all of us, the attorneys included, not to sense that Lanny was freed early and told to disappear and keep his mouth shut,” my email correspondent wrote. “This, we feel is directly linked to the revelations in his FBI file about Sessions and Pryor as revealed by TIME last month and echoed in the MSNBC story.”

The Siegelman story is probably the clearest and most perfect example of just how far BushCo’s ruthless politicization of the Justice Department has gone, both in terms of destroying the innocent and protecting the guilty. It also sounds like Judge Fuller is a corrupt BushCo. tool as well (Larisa Alexandrovna also makes a cryptic reference to his “alleged mistress”). Fabulous – I hope 60 Minutes shines a spotlight on him too.

(h/t pontificator)

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  • 1. Ruth  |  December 22nd, 2007 at 4:01 pm

    Good info, but sadly not surprising. We have to turn out not just the war criminals in the executive branch, but their enablers in congress. And we need to get busy now getting replacements. see

    It’s going to take real work.

  • 2. shoephone  |  December 22nd, 2007 at 4:23 pm

    Thanks for covering this, Eli.

    Seigleman was targeted because he’s a Dem. The investigation needs to be busted wide open. And anything that gets Jeff Sessions thrown in the slammer is okay by me. Aside from the fact he took bribes, he’s got to qualify for stupidest senator.

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