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If Of The Week

Independent Straight-Talking Maverick John McCain (with his BFF Joe Lieberman standing proudly behind him) responding to a question about Dubya keeping troops in Iraq for the next 50 years:

Make it a hundred. We’ve been in South Korea… we’ve been in Japan for 60 years. We’ve been in South Korea 50 years or so. That would be fine with me. As long as Americans… are not being injured or harmed or wounded or killed. That’s fine with me, I hope that would be fine with you, if we maintain a presence in a very volatile part of the world where Al Queada is training and equipping and recruiting and motivating people every single day.

Okay, so technically it’s an As Long As rather than an If, but it amounts to the same thing.

John, if Americans weren’t being wounded or killed, you wouldn’t have gotten that question in the first place. I can just as easily say that as long as Republicans don’t lie, cheat, steal, and generally make a mockery of American laws and values, I would be fine with keeping them in the White House for the next hundred years.

1 comment January 3rd, 2008 at 11:10pm Posted by Eli

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About That Negative Ad, Huck…

Okay, so…� Remember that negative anti-Romney ad Huckabee made a big show of not airing?� The one that his campaign had in Total Security Lockdown so that copies of it wouldn’t leak out?

Well, we didn’t run the ad, Sean. What we did–we pulled it. I knew that if we said we had made one and didn’t reveal that it existed there would have been the cynicism of the reporters that had said “Oh, you really didn’t have one”, but we did. And I don’t know how you obtained that copy because we didn’t give it to anybody. We had a box of CD’s of em, we gave then to no one. We showed it in that room, for those reporters and the only way they could have gotten it would be to tape it—I guess off a camera from the screen…

Well, guess what:

The ad Huckabee said he decided not to run has now appeared at least three times in Iowa anyway. It accuses Romney of being “dishonest” but shades the facts in the process.


According to the Campaign Media Analysis Group of TNS Media intelligence, the ad appeared Dec. 31 on WHBF-TV and KLJB-TV in Davenport and on KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids. The ad ran once on each station. We will update this count as data for later dates becomes available. When we contacted the Huckabee campaign for an explanation, a representative expressed surprise to hear the ad had been on the air. We’ll update this with any explanation we receive from the campaign.

Well, since the Huckabee campaign has kept those CDs Under Total Security Lockdown and hasn’t given them out to anybody, there’s only one possible explanation: Those TV stations must have obtained bootleg copies from cameramen who filmed the ad when it was screened at Huckabee’s press conference, and then they went ahead and aired the bootlegs on their own initiative and at their own expense.

Yeah. That’s probably it.

(h/t dakine)

January 3rd, 2008 at 09:48pm Posted by Eli

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They Write Letters

There were some great letters in today’s NYT, in response to their what-the-hell-happened-to-America editorial last week. My favorites:

I agree wholeheartedly with your editorial and am truly saddened by the way that our current administration has destroyed the values and international standing of this country. But what else should we expect when the opposition party refuses to oppose?

The Democrats voted for the Patriot Act. They voted for the Iraq war — and some still stand by that vote. They didn’t contest the voting irregularities in Ohio. They’ve approved most judicial nominations without resistance and even Alberto R. Gonzales.

I’m hoping that this time we Americans will stand up for our true values and enact a regime change in our own country. Let’s make 2008 the year we take our country back.

Christopher Diamond

Brooklyn, Dec. 31, 2007


As a lifelong Republican until the candidacy of George W. Bush, I am ashamed and disgusted by the loss of values and the general apathy this country has sunk into. As I travel around the world and speak to peoples of all races, religions and social standing, it is painfully obvious that we have become a pariah around the globe to friend and foe alike.

We have allowed this administration to lie, cheat and break the law, and to break its sacred oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. As we go forward into 2008 I remain confident that America will elect a president who will return us to our precious values and help us take back the high moral ground from which we can lead the world.

The true greatness of America is that we will survive eight years of George W. Bush.

Henry A. Lowenstein

New York, Dec. 31, 2007


Thank you for eloquently stating what I and many Americans feel about the grossly disturbing distortion of our democracy and our morals by President Bush and his administration.

Your editorial stops short, however, in one key respect: it does not properly admonish the current Democratic-controlled Congress for its complicity in these terribly sad affairs. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been woefully ineffective in combating the horrendous policies of this administration, and history will, I believe, also judge their inaction harshly and unsympathetically and appropriately so.

Robert Paul Malchow

Oak Park, Ill., Dec. 31, 2007

What they said. BushCo. is a criminal enterprise, and the go-along-to-get-along Democrats are accessories at best, accomplices at worst.

January 3rd, 2008 at 08:58pm Posted by Eli

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Surprise Revelation Of The Day

NYT uncorks a shocker:

The case for providing health coverage for all Americans got even more compelling in the past week when two new studies presented the most comprehensive evidence yet that the lack of health insurance is seriously harmful to a patients health. The studies found that uninsured people suffer significantly worse outcomes from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer than those who have coverage.

Not having insurance is bad for your health! Who knew?

January 3rd, 2008 at 07:57pm Posted by Eli

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Quote Of The Day

Photographer Lee Friedlander, quoted in an NYT story about his exhibit of photographs of parks designed by Frederick Law Olmsted:

We photographers don’t really make anything: we peck at the world and try to find something curious or wild or beautiful that might fit into what the medium of photography can hold.

This is about right for me. I have a hard time viewing photography as a creative endeavor in the same league as actual Art; I see it more as a scavenger hunt, trying to uncover the beauty hidden in the mundane (or not-so-mundane – but the mundane is usually what I have to work with).

And as Friedlander alludes to, oftimes scenes that are beautiful to the naked eye become dreary and boring when photographed. But, happily, the converse is also true.

January 3rd, 2008 at 11:58am Posted by Eli

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Farewell To Christmas Photoblogging

The last of the Christmas photos from Dad’s:

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Mmm… Crystal…

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Mmm… Mini pitas…

Okay, what do you think:

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…or black & white?

6 comments January 3rd, 2008 at 11:25am Posted by Eli

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Instant Karma Gonna Get You

Well, this is kinda ironic. Remember how Huckabee oh-so-subtly promoted his anti-Mitt attack ad, while simultaneously taking the high road by saying he wouldn’t actually air it?

Now here’s an NYT blog post by Tim Egan calling the Republican establishment out for oh-so-subtly dismissing Huckabee as an ignorant low-class hick… while simultaneously doing the same thing himself. (Dude, you have got to get over the squirrel thing.)

January 3rd, 2008 at 07:25am Posted by Eli

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