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January 3rd, 2008at 08:58pm Posted by Eli

There were some great letters in today’s NYT, in response to their what-the-hell-happened-to-America editorial last week. My favorites:

I agree wholeheartedly with your editorial and am truly saddened by the way that our current administration has destroyed the values and international standing of this country. But what else should we expect when the opposition party refuses to oppose?

The Democrats voted for the Patriot Act. They voted for the Iraq war — and some still stand by that vote. They didn’t contest the voting irregularities in Ohio. They’ve approved most judicial nominations without resistance and even Alberto R. Gonzales.

I’m hoping that this time we Americans will stand up for our true values and enact a regime change in our own country. Let’s make 2008 the year we take our country back.

Christopher Diamond

Brooklyn, Dec. 31, 2007


As a lifelong Republican until the candidacy of George W. Bush, I am ashamed and disgusted by the loss of values and the general apathy this country has sunk into. As I travel around the world and speak to peoples of all races, religions and social standing, it is painfully obvious that we have become a pariah around the globe to friend and foe alike.

We have allowed this administration to lie, cheat and break the law, and to break its sacred oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. As we go forward into 2008 I remain confident that America will elect a president who will return us to our precious values and help us take back the high moral ground from which we can lead the world.

The true greatness of America is that we will survive eight years of George W. Bush.

Henry A. Lowenstein

New York, Dec. 31, 2007


Thank you for eloquently stating what I and many Americans feel about the grossly disturbing distortion of our democracy and our morals by President Bush and his administration.

Your editorial stops short, however, in one key respect: it does not properly admonish the current Democratic-controlled Congress for its complicity in these terribly sad affairs. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been woefully ineffective in combating the horrendous policies of this administration, and history will, I believe, also judge their inaction harshly and unsympathetically and appropriately so.

Robert Paul Malchow

Oak Park, Ill., Dec. 31, 2007

What they said. BushCo. is a criminal enterprise, and the go-along-to-get-along Democrats are accessories at best, accomplices at worst.

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