Worst. Victory. Speech. Ever.

1 comment January 9th, 2008at 11:15am Posted by Eli

John McCain’s victory speech in New Hampshire was so awful that even the media that he’s the straight-talking maverick darling of took shots at it:

In stark contrast to Obama’s speech in Iowa, declared Republican primary winner John McCain’s victory speech in New Hampshire decidedly underwhelmed the pundits on MSNBC, including Keith Olbermann, Joe Scarborough, Gene Robinson, Howard Fineman and Katrina Vanden Heuvel.

JS: That speech! Oh my God!

KO: All right, calm down…he’s still on the stage. You’re going to be…you can’t…you can’t boo a candidate while he’s still on the stage the night he won, Joe. Do I have to teach you everything about politics all of the sudden?

JS: Thank you, Keith. Thank you. I tell you, one think I can teach, and we were all talking about it here. It is absolutely remarkable…

KO: Don’t read the speech?

JS: That at this moment…yes, please. If this is your introduction to America in 2008, do not have your head looking straight down into a speech that Howard, Howard Fineman, what’d you say it looked like?

HF: It looked like every advisor he ever had had given him one paragraph?

GR: One sentence…

HF: One sentence…but he read them all.

GR: But he dropped them on his way to the podium and re-sorted them in random order.

I watched it, and yes, it really was that bad. McCain just droned aimlessly on and on and on and on (interspersed with chants of “Mac is back!”, “John McCain!” and “USA!”), and it just seemed to go forever. It was like the Lord Of The Rings trilogy: Several hours long, and with a bunch of fake endings. I was begging for mercy before the halfway point.

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  • 1. PoliShifter  |  January 9th, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    I wish KO, JS, KV, and HF would have riffed on that a little more. It was escpecially funny listening to JS bag on McCain. But they quickly tamped it down and move on.

    It was classic McCain. People vote for him for that awkward stance and glare knowing that’s exactly the type of speech he’s going to give ‘my friends’.

    Iraq for 1000 years!!

    Like that old beach boy song bomb bomb bomb Iran…

    After all McCain was for the surge before there was a surge.

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