You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry

2 comments January 10th, 2008at 07:17am Posted by Eli

So, according to Chris Bowers, Hillary won New Hampshire because she was more appealing to angry, dissatisfied voters there:

Did Obama’s message of conciliatory unity cost him the New Hampshire primary? Sure looks like it. According to exit polls, 30% of Democrats identified themselves as “dissatisfied” with the Bush administration. Obama narrowly won those voters, 39%-38%. However, among the 62% of participants in the Democratic primary who described themselves as “angry” with the Bush administration, Clinton won 39%-34%. And thus, we have Clinton’s 2.6% margin of victory almost precisely.

Democrats are pissed off at Bush, I mean really pissed off and angry. There simply isn’t anyway to win this primary without winning the support of those voters. It appears “change” isn’t enough to put one over the top in that category, at least here. Clinton won the angrier voters, and so she won New Hampshire.

This makes sense to me, but here’s what I don’t get. If you review the data at the exit poll link Bowers cites, it also shows that Edwards does slightly better among Dissatisfied voters than Angry ones, 18% to 16%. Yet of the top three candidates, Edwards has by far the most adversarial message. Even if his campaign isn’t strong enough for him to beat out Clinton and Obama with Angry voters, I would expect him to at least have his biggest success there.

Maybe the Angry voters don’t think he’s tough enough?

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  • 1. bdr  |  January 10th, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    Obama won college graduates making $50K plus.

    HRC won high school graduate or less making less than $50K.

    I wonder which was angrier.

    Adding, the reason Newton invented calculus is because there are no simple cause and effects.

  • 2. charley  |  January 10th, 2008 at 6:34 pm

    Maybe the Angry voters donít think heís tough enough?

    he’s not. putting all the vapid breck girl analysis aside, he comes across as an effete pussy.

    of course i imagine you could easily enuf get away saying this about any dem candidate, or mitt romney… especially mitt romney.

    i’m counting on obama eviscerating them with his silver tongue.

    oh please don’t let it be hillary.

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