DINO Attack!

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This is just plain ugly. Stoller presents a truly repulsive campaign flyer from Bush Dog Dan Lipinski, who is trying to defend his seat against progressive Mark Pera in the IL-03 Democratic primary (the near-random emphasis is not mine):

…Congressman Lipinski finds himself faced with several primary opponents – one of whom, Mark Pera, is heavily supported by left-wing extremist political groups.

These groups and their millions of dollars are not from the Southwest Side or anywhere around here, but from places like San Francisco, Hollywood, New York City and Massachusetts. (But don’t believe me. Look it up and find out who is behind the Open Left radical organization and some of the other political hate groups that are funneling resources to defeat Congressman Lipinski.)

These aren’t your garden variety liberals. The people backing Mark Pera are radical left-wingers – people who, for example, have publicly criticized Ted Kennedy for not being liberal enough.

I’m not sure about you, but I have a hard time imagining how Ted Kennedy could possibly be more liberal.

The left-wing extremist groups trying to defeat Congressman Lipinski are political punks who snicker and sneer at Southwest Siders like us. They laugh at traditional values. They mock people who go to church. They dismiss senior citizens as irrelevant relics of a bygone era. They look down their educated noses at blue-collar men and women who work for a living. They bad-mouth police and other public safety employees – except when they need a cop, of course. And they give the finger (figuratively and literally) to the men and women of the American military.

They think that regular folks like us, the residents of the Southwest Side, should no longer have a place in the Democratic Party – despite the fact that we were working, sweating, building and strengthening the Democratic Party while they were still crying in their cribs because their diapers were full.

But these extremists have a lot of money, and they are going all out to eliminate all Democrats who are not hardline left-wingers. They say they want to purge the Democratic Party of centrists and moderates like Congressman Lipinski and a handful of other congressmen across the nation.

So clearly, this is more than a re-election battle for Congressman Lipinski. This is a war for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. A war that was started by left-wing extremists to kick folks like us out of our own party.

Unfortunately for me, the Marquette Park neighborhood I love and fight for is just outside the boundaries of the Third Congressional District. So I can’t cast a vote in the Democratic Primary for Congressman Lipinski.

But one thing I can do is expose the shameful tactics and goals of the left-wing extremist punks trying to defeat Congressman Lipinski; and I can strongly urge all my fellow Southwest Siders to go out and vote on Tuesday, February 5th for Congressman Daniel W. Lipinski.

Let’s get it done, and let’s show the punks how real Democrats can mobilize and make our voices heard.

Charming. As Stoller points out, this is the same kind of heinous class-baiting and anti-hippie demonization that the GOP used in the 60s. (The “DINO” tag is apt in more ways than one.)

The Lipinski campaign is right about one thing, though – this is a war for the heart and soul of the Democratic party. But the extremists who are destroying the party are the ones who vote with the Republicans all the time, and use Republican talking points to demonize progressives who want to steer America away from the cliff that it is currently rocketing towards. With the Dan Lipinskis of the world riding shotgun and shouting “Yeee-haaa!!!”

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