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9 comments February 2nd, 2008at 01:09pm Posted by Eli

So, not only are the Giants playing in the Superbowl tomorrow (WHOOO!!!), but the Mets have (pending a physical) consummated their trade for Johan Santana, giving up four decent but not can’t-miss prospects for one of the five best pitchers in baseball. Assuming Santana doesn’t turn out to be one of those guys who can’t play in New York (and this is always a big assumption), this should be a huge boost for the Mets’ playoff and World Series chances.

As for the NFC Champion Giants, I have to say that I’m not optimistic at all. Not because of the obvious talent gap – they were almost able to overcome that in the regular-season finale – but because of the talking. Between Osi Umenyiora calling Matt Light a dirty player and Plaxico Burress saying that the Giants have better receivers than the Pats, and sort-of-guaranteeing a 23-17 victory, I have the uneasy feeling that the Giants are a little too full of themselves right now, and not focused enough on the business at hand.

Remember, before the Cowboys game, Antonio Pierce was talking about how it was “the All-Pros vs. the all-Joes” – they had been cheerfully reminding everyone that they’re the underdogs. Not any more. Now that they’ve made it to the Superbowl, they feel like they’re entitled to brag a little. Which they are; it’s just not a good idea.

Also, after Plax declared with uncanny precision that his ankle was “97%”, it sounds like it’s back to being gimpy again, and he has a swollen knee to go with it. He’s been playing through pain, and doing it very well, for the entire season, but it’s still disappointing – I would have loved to see him at full speed for the biggest game of the year. And if he can’t go at all, or if he’s not healthy enough to be a factor, that’s going to be devastating to the Giants offense.

I’m gonna say… Patriots 41, Giants 13. I think the Giants are going to have trouble getting into the endzone, and I think there will come a point where the Pats will go on a roll and the Giants will be too shell-shocked to stop them.

Damn, I sure hope I’m wrong. If Plax hadn’t been yapping, I’d give the Giants a chance, but unless they’re larger-than-life guys like Namath or Ali or Messier, most players who talk big end up playing small. Just ask Patrick Crayton, Anthony Smith, Jerramy Stevens, Matt Hasselbeck…

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  • 1. bill  |  February 3rd, 2008 at 8:43 am

    Big talk always conjures Brian Bosworth for me.

  • 2. Multi Medium » OMG!&hellip  |  February 3rd, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    […] I have never, ever been happier to be wrong. […]

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