It All Depends On What The Meaning Of “Straight” Is…

February 13th, 2008at 09:59pm Posted by Eli

Behold, The Straight Talk Express in action:

Today, the Senate brought the Intelligence Authorization Bill to the floor, containing a provision from Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) that establishes one interrogation standard, requiring the intelligence community to abide by the same standards as articulated in the Army Field Manual and banning waterboarding.

Just hours ago, the Senate voted in favor of the bill, 51-45.

Earlier today, ThinkProgress noted that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), a former prisoner of war, has spoken strongly in favor of implementing the Army Field Manual standard. When confronted today with the decision of whether to stick with his conscience or cave to the right wing, McCain chose to ditch his principles and instead vote to preserve waterboarding:

Mr. McCain, a former prisoner of war, has consistently voiced opposition to waterboarding and other methods that critics say is a form torture. But the Republicans, confident of a White House veto, did not mount the challenge. Mr. McCain voted “no” on Wednesday afternoon.

The New York Times Times notes that “the White House has long said Mr. Bush will veto the bill, saying it ‘would prevent the president from taking the lawful actions necessary to protect Americans from attack in wartime.'”

After Bush vetoes the bill, McCain will again be confronted with a vote to either stand with President Bush or stand against torture. He indicated with his vote today where he will come down on that issue.

John McCain: He was against waterboarding before he was for it.

If it weren’t for the media’s slobbering Saint-McCain-can-do-no-wrong hero worship, he would have absolutely no credibility at all. Who else could get away with speaking out against waterboarding and torture (having personally been tortured themselves) and then voting for it?

Hopefully it will occur to the Democratic presidential nominee to mention this little flip-flop a time or two. It’s a double-whammy, after all: It shows McCain to be a double-talking liar and the second coming of Gee Dubya, which is absolutely the last thing America wants. Really, anything that makes McCain look like Dubya is going to be a winner for the Democrats.

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