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2 comments February 18th, 2008at 06:01pm Posted by Eli

Filling a need we didn’t even know we had:

With an eye on the upcoming Presidential elections and the nation’s dramatically growing interest in politics and government, the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace Foundation will introduce its own blog, The New Nixon, at 9:00 am on Presidents’ Day, Monday, February 18.

Noted commentators including Hugh Hewitt, KRLA talk show host and former White House staffer; Jack J. Pitney, Claremont McKenna College Professor of American Politics; and John H. Taylor, executive director of the Nixon Foundation, will be among the inaugural bloggers. [Dennis Prager is also prominently displayed.]

“Forty years ago, the new Nixon became a catch phrase as the former Vice President prepared to enter primaries,” said Taylor. “Some derided him as, ‘supposedly new Nixon,’ others around the candidate himself took up the concept of a new Nixon as someone having served eight years as Vice President and traveled the world interacting with leaders as he prepared for his run in 1968.”


Nixon fans and critics alike are invited to offer feedback to the blogger’s commentary on RN politics, culture and policy — all with a Nixon spin. “Those who participate in the dialogue on The New Nixon blog will themselves be part of creating the next new Nixon, the nuanced new Nixon,” Taylor predicted.

I’m thinking that this some kind of proof-of-concept exercise for laundering the legacy of a disgraced Republican president. Can anyone think of why conservatives might have an interest in perfecting something like that now?

(h/t Jane)

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  • 1. bill  |  February 18th, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    I picture Nixon hopping with glee, chanting “I’m not the worst” over and over again. Of course, he did that with Reagan too……

  • 2. Eli  |  February 18th, 2008 at 10:52 pm

    The thing with Reagan was, most people didn’t think he was the worst president ever. Even now, I don’t think they do. He may have been incompetent and downright evil at governing, but he was really good at playing the part of the benign and likable daddy figure. Dubya’s just the smug entitled punk who keeps getting into trouble because no-one ever told him no.

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