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John McCain Travels Back In Time To Make John McCain Cry

John McCain, 2000:

If I’da been invited to Bob Jones University, sure I woulda gone – heh heh…  And I’da told ’em, “Get out of the 16th century and into the 21st century! What you’re doing is racist and cruel!” Instead, Governor Bush went there and never said a word. I would never, ever do such a thing.

And just FYI, from a pro-McCain robocall from the same time period:

Governor George Bush has campaigned against Senator JohnMcCain by seeking the support of Southern fundamentalists who have expressed anti-Catholic views. Several weeks ago, Governor Bush spoke at Bob Jones University in South Carolina. Bob Jones has made strong anti-Catholic statements, including calling the Pope the anti-Christ, the Catholic Church a satanic cult! John McCain, a pro-life senator, has strongly criticized this anti-Catholic bigotry, while Governor Bush has stayed silent while seeking the support of Bob Jones University.

John McCain, 2008:

All I can tell you is I’m very proud to have pastor Hagee’s support.

That JohnMcCain 2000 sounds like kind of a decent guy, at least when it comes to rejecting bigoted fundie extremists. John McCain 2008, on the other hand, can’t get enough of ’em – the crazier, the better. I don’t know whether his taste in supporters has changed, or if he’s just doing what he’s gotta do to win an election, and I don’t care. Either he likes bigots and crazies, or he’s a phony. Or both.

March 5th, 2008 at 10:23pm Posted by Eli

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My White Person Score

As a followup to my earlier observation that I apparently suck at being a white person, I went through the full list of Stuff White People Like to see if maybe I was exaggerating. I wasn’t.

Of the 81 things that white people like, I liked… 8. So just a hair less than 10%.

I’m really, really pale, though.

2 comments March 5th, 2008 at 09:33pm Posted by Eli

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…And George W. Bush Was The First Psychopathic President.

Frank Luntz continues to be a truly repulsive human being:

From the March 5 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends [of course]:

LUNTZ: You guys — how many of you saw Saturday Night Live? Did it humanize Hillary Clinton to you, or did it ridicule her?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don’t think it ridiculed her at all. I think that, you know, she is who she is, and that’s, you know, how she stands for, so —

LUNTZ: Do you think she’s electable?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think she’s very electable. You know, a lot of the hot stuff about Hillary is, you know, people — since she’s a woman running for the highest position in the world, she has to, you know, position herself in a place where she can be electable, and I think that she is. She has come out hard against a lot of issues, and as we just saw in this clip, you know, it’s easy to see that she really is sincere in everything that she says.

LUNTZ: Andrew?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right, but sound bites and tears or not, there’s one person qualified to be the commander in chief, and that’s John McCain. You know, the other candidates have this myth of experience, and McCain is the one with real experience.

LUNTZ: And by the way, Hillary Clinton would not be the first female president. Jimmy Carter was the first female president.

ALISYN CAMEROTA (co-host): Hey. All right, we have so much more with all the students from Ohio University. We’ll be right back.

Blech. What a pig. Remember this the next time he tries to portray himself as some kind of respectable authority on language and human nature.

March 5th, 2008 at 08:14pm Posted by Eli

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Looking To Sell Your PS3?

The Air Force may be interested…

This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; proposals are being requested and a written solicitation (paper copy) will not be issued. Further, offerors are responsible for monitoring this site for the release of amendments (if any) or other information pertaining to this solicitation.


The contractor shall provide the following items on a firm fixed price basis:

Item 1: Sony PlayStation 3 Game Console – 40 GB Hard Drive
Qty: 300

Sony Part Number 98006
Processor: CPU: Cell Broadband Engine. GPU: RSX.
Main Memory: 256MB XDR Main RAM. 256MB GDDR3 VRAM.
Hard Drive: 2.5″ Serial ATA Drive- 40GB.
I/O Ports: (4) USB 2.0 ports. Slots for Memory Stick/SD/CompactFlash.
Communication: Ethernet (10BaseT/100BaseTX/1000BaseT). IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi. Bluetooth 2.0 (EDR). Wireless Controller Bluetooth (up to 7).
A/V Output: Screen Size: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p. HDMI: HDMI Out x 1. Analog: AV Multi-Out x 1. Digital Audio: Optical Digital Out x 1. Blu-ray/DVD/CD Drive “read only”.
Accessories: 98040: PS3 Wireless Controller. 98042: PS3 Memory Card Adaptor.
Dimensions: 13.0″w x 3.92″h x 11.0″d.

The Air Force Research Laboratory is conducting a technology assessment of certain cell processors. The processors in the Sony PlayStation 3 are the only brand on the market that utilizes the specific cell processor characteristics needed for this program at an acceptable cost.

Not entirely sure what they have in mind for those Cell processors. Perhaps to provide intensive training for possible real-world combat scenarios like the one shown here:

(h/t Switched, by way of Engadget)

March 5th, 2008 at 07:02pm Posted by Eli

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What Took Him So Long?

Apparently Admiral Fallon may be on his way out:

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has called CENTCOM commander Adm. William Fallon “one of the best strategic thinkers in uniform today.” Fallon opposed the “surge” in Iraq and has consistently battled the Bush administration to avoid a confrontation with Iran, calling officials’ war-mongering “not helpful.” Privately, he has vowed that an attack on Iran “will not happen on my watch.”

Unfortunately, this level-headed thinking and willingness to stand up to President Bush may cost him his job. According to a new article by Thomas P.M. Barnett in the April issue of Esquire magazine (on newsstands March 12), Fallon may be prematurely “relieved of his command” as soon as this summer:

[W]ell-placed observers now say that it will come as no surprise if Fallon is relieved of his command before his time is up next spring, maybe as early as this summer, in favor of a commander the White House considers to be more pliable. If that were to happen, it may well mean that the president and vice-president intend to take military action against Iran before the end of this year and don’t want a commander standing in their way.


In today’s White House press briefing, a reporter asked spokeswoman Dana Perino about the Esquire piece. Perino refused to say whether Fallon’s position is secure until the end of his tenure, instead attacking “rumor mills that don’t turn out to be true.”

Brilliant strategic thinker? Adamantly opposed to war with Iran? This man is completely unqualified to serve in the Bush administration. How did he even get such an important position in the first place? Was it a miscalculation? Window dressing? Was he the only person who would take it? Was he Robert Gates’s guy? And if he was Gates’s guy, would Gates be following him out the door? Gates always seemed a little too sane for the Bush administration too…

March 5th, 2008 at 05:52pm Posted by Eli

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B&W Arena Photoblogging

Some B&W photos of the hockey arena:

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The arena dome reflected in a building that’s getting demolished (photos of that later).

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The top of the arena dome.

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Some satellite dishes next to the arena.

March 5th, 2008 at 07:16am Posted by Eli

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