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Poll Of The Week

Rick Astley would never…



(From c’est chic)

March 8th, 2008 at 10:21pm Posted by Eli

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More Black & White Yellow Pipe Photoblogging

More black & white photos of yellow pipes, one of which apparently needs tickets:

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March 8th, 2008 at 04:11pm Posted by Eli

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Bush Calls Torture “One Of The Most Valuable Tools In The War On Terror”

As Machiavelli said, it is better to be feared than loved…

President George W. Bush said Saturday he vetoed legislation that would ban the CIA from using harsh interrogation methods such as waterboarding to break suspected terrorists because it would end practices that have prevented attacks.

“The bill Congress sent me would take away one of the most valuable tools in the war on terror,” Mr. Bush said in his weekly radio address taped for broadcast Saturday. “So today I vetoed it.”

The bill he rejected provides guidelines for intelligence activities for the year and has the interrogation requirement as one provision. It cleared the House of Representatives in December and the Senate last month.

“This is no time for Congress to abandon practices that have a proven track record of keeping America safe,” the president said.


The bill would have limited CIA interrogators to the 19 techniques allowed for use by military questioners. The Army field manual in 2006 banned using methods such as waterboarding or sensory deprivation on uncooperative prisoners.

Mr. Bush said the CIA must retain use of “specialized interrogation procedures” that the military doesn’t need. The military methods are designed for questioning “lawful combatants captured on the battlefield,” while intelligence professionals are dealing with “hardened terrorists” who have been trained to resist the techniques in the Army manual, the president said.

“We created alternative procedures to question the most dangerous al Qaeda operatives, particularly those who might have knowledge of attacks planned on our homeland,” Mr. Bush said. “If we were to shut down this program and restrict the CIA to methods in the field manual, we could lose vital information from senior al Qaeda terrorists, and that could cost American lives.”


Among the techniques the field manual prohibits are hooding prisoners or putting duct tape across their eyes, stripping them naked, forcing them to perform or mimic sexual acts, or beating, electrocuting, burning or otherwise physically hurting them. They may not be subjected to hypothermia or mock executions. It does not allow food, water and medical treatment to be withheld. Dogs may not be used in any aspect of interrogation.

But waterboarding is the most high-profile and controversial of the interrogation methods in question.


“President Bush’s veto will be one of the most shameful acts of his presidency,” Senator Edward Kennedy said in a statement Friday. “Unless Congress overrides the veto, it will go down in history as a flagrant insult to the rule of law and a serious stain on the good name of America in the eyes of the world.”

He noted that the Army field manual contends that harsh interrogation is a “poor technique that yields unreliable results, may damage subsequent collection efforts and can induce the source to say what he thinks the (interrogator) wants to hear.”

The U.S. military specifically prohibited waterboarding in 2006. The CIA also prohibited the practice in 2006, and says it has not been used since three prisoners encountered it in 2003.

Dubya looooves him some torture.

March 8th, 2008 at 11:45am Posted by Eli

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Sci-Fi Movie Alert!

For any fans of cheesy sci-fi movies out there, tomorrow (okay, today) is truly a banner day.

1PM – King Cobra. Giant cobra/rattlesnake hybrid named Seth. Cast includes Hoyt Axton as the complacent mayor (he also sings the movie’s brilliant theme song, “Seth Is The Devil”), Erik Estrada in a brief and incredibly swishy cameo, and Pat Morita as the snake expert who ends up talking smack to the giant snake. Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite is one of the snake’s victims.

3PM – Snake King. Giant five-headed snake in the Amazon jungle. Stephen Baldwin as a tough, virtuous guide and helicopter pilot. ‘Nuff said.

5PM – Grendel. Before Beowulf, there was… this. With Ben Cross as King Hrothgar and Marina Sirtis as Queen Wealhtheow. Bad CGI.

7PM – Gryphon. Gryphon summoned by evil sorceror Larry Drake (Dr. Giggles, Benny from LA Law). Also features Amber Benson (Tara from Buffy The Vampire Slayer) as the least convincing warrior princess ever, and Sarah Douglas actually playing a good witch. Bad CGI and Anthony LaPaglia’s little brother.

9PM – Ogre. Premiering tonight. All I know is: John Schneider, bad CGI.  W00t!

(Note: Absence of “Bad CGI” notation does not necessarily imply presence of good CGI)

March 8th, 2008 at 01:07am Posted by Eli

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