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Damn, I only just saw this late last night, but it’s perfect:

Let’s recap. Foreign policy cred lets him get away with wild howlers on foreign policy. Fiscal integrity cred lets him get away with outlandishly irresponsible economic plans. Anti-lobbyist cred lets him get away with pandering to lobbyists. Campaign finance reform cred lets him get away with gaming the campaign finance system. Straight talking cred lets him get away with brutally slandering Mitt Romney in the closing days of the Republican primary. Maverick uprightness cred allows him to get away with begging for endorsements from extremist religious leaders like John Hagee. “Man of conviction” cred allows him to get away with transparent flip-flopping so egregious it would make any other politician a laughingstock. Anti-torture cred allows him to get away with supporting torture as long as only the CIA does it.

Remind me again: where does all this cred come from? And what window do Democrats go to to get the same treatment the press gives McCain?

It encapsulates both the bedrock phoniness of McCain, and the alarming degree to which the media are in the tank for him – much like Dubya in the 2000 and 2004 elections. I have always viewed McCain as the scariest of all possible Republican nominees, for precisely this reason. The media are in love with McCain, and in love with the straight-talking Maverick image that they’ve crafted for him, and they will cut him all the slack that it is humanly possible to cut. (How much slack could the press corps cut, if the press corps could cut slack?) I was so relieved when it looked like his primary campaign was toast, and then look what happened. Sigh.

On the plus side, it doesn’t look like McCain is going to denounce the Iraqupation any time soon, so if the Democratic nominee runs an “If you want our troops to keep getting killed in Iraq forever, vote for John McCain” campaign, they might actually have a halfway decent shot. I sure do hope they get that this time – Kerry’s inability to say, “The war was a mistake and I will get us out immediately” hurt him at least as badly as the Swifties did.

(h/t Caro Kay)

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  • 1. See the Big Picture  |  March 27th, 2008 at 10:35 am

    “And what window do Democrats go to to get the same treatment the press gives McCain?”

    The “give tax breaks to the large corporations that own the TV networks and therefore decide the programming slant” window.

    It is my firm opinion that John McCain will be the next President. Not because I want him to be — far from it, in fact — but because most of the American population is so lethargic and apathetic that they will believe what is put in front of them by the mainstream media without question or debate. And what is put in front of them by the mainstream media is “John McCain is perfect, all these ‘little blunders’ are completely inconsequential, here, watch the latest pablum schlock of ‘American Idol.'”

    A successful democracy depends on a populace who both cares about their politics, and is intelligent and informed about same. Sadly, it seems that we have neither.

  • 2. Eli  |  March 27th, 2008 at 10:52 am

    I am 100% feeling you, believe me. The media are the ballgame – they are the single most important force in American politics, because they control our reality, even our memory. If they don’t remind us that something happened, then it never did. They not only tell us what *to* think, they tell us what we’re *already* thinking (how many stories and columns have you seen where a reporter or pundit tells us about how the American people don’t trust the Democrats on national security or moral values?)

    And no-one *ever* points out that the money their corporate parents make off of Republican policies dwarfs any revenue they could possibly make off of the news programming itself.

    I believe the only constraint is that they cannot veer so far from the truth that they expose themselves as cheerleaders and propagandists for the GOP, thus forcing their audience to seek out alternative sources of news and information. That would be a deathblow to the Republican party.

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