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Vicarious McCain-Snuffalupagus Wrap-Up

MoveOn’s Adam Green was kind enough to liveblog Mr. Snuffalupagus’s interview with McCain, which I, uh, kinda slept through.  I was very interested to see whether Snuffy would ask McCain the same proportion of gotcha electability questions as he and Charlie Gibson asked of the Democratic presidential candidates.

In a word… no.  According to Adam’s summary, Snuffy asked 17 total questions, and only 5 of them were not related to substantive policy (as opposed to roughly half in the Democratic debate).  By my count, there was a question on temperament, a question on age, a question on Hagee (McCain said he condemned Hagee’s anti-Catholic comments), and a question on Obama and the ex-Weatherman(!), and one that I can’t really identify, probably something about Wright (“Question 11 – Obama disagreed with him. McCain: ‘He disagrees, but will he condemn?'”).  Boy, Snuffy really likes that Weatherman question a whole bunch if he’s asking Republicans about it now.

So in other words, even out of Snuffy’s 5 non-policy questions, 2 of them were gotchas against Obama.  What a tool.

UPDATE: Okay, after reviewing the actual interview video, Snuffy didn’t ask McCain about Obama and the Weatherman, he asked McCain about Obama’s patriotism, and then McCain went on at length about how horrible Ayres is and what a wonderful humanitarian Tom Coburn is.  I would also say that Question 11 wasn’t really a question, more like a follow-up on McCain’s Ayrtrage.

I’ll also give Snuffy credit for some fairly adversarial questioning, especially on McCain’s insistence that he can cut taxes and balance the budget, simply by getting rid of the ever-popular Republican bugaboo, Government Waste – and on McCain’s promise to cut taxes even if he didn’t succeed in cutting spending.

So it wasn’t a Tim Russert-style tongue bath, but intermittently-tough-but-fair is still a whole lot better than unrelentingly-tough-and-unfair.

April 20th, 2008 at 04:47pm Posted by Eli

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Press Puff Piece On Pope’s Puss

NY Daily News breaks the story:

There’s one very unusual biography of Pope Benedict – a children’s book, supposedly written by his cat.

“Joseph and Chico: The Life of Pope Benedict XVI as Told by a Cat” is a 36-page illustrated book that chronicles the life of Benedict through the words of his cat, Chico.

“I’m meeting you in the pages of this book to tell you a story about my very best friend, a wonderful man with whom I’ve shared so many happy times,” Chico says.

“I want to tell you about where he comes from, how devoted he is to his studies and his work, what is he doing now.”

The book, of course, wasn’t actually written by a cat. It was penned by Italian journalist Jeanne Perego. It was illustrated by Donata Dal Molin Casagrande and features an introduction by the Rev. Georg Ganswein, the Pope’s personal secretary.

The book begins with the Holy Father’s birth in Bavaria, Germany, in 1927. Chico explains that Benedict and his family moved many times during his childhood. In a surprising passage, Chico describes how Joseph Ratzinger, the man who would become Pope Benedict, joined the seminary in 1939.

“At the beginning, Joseph was not enthusiastic at all about living in a community,” Chico says. “He could not concentrate on his studies and it felt as if he had lost his freedom.”

The book also touches on Benedict’s service in the German Army during World War II.

“During that period, Joseph was forced to do something that went absolutely against his will: join the army and go off to war,” Chico says.

The book’s message is “stay faithful and committed in life, without getting discouraged when difficulties arise.”

Chico no longer lives with the Pope because animals aren’t allowed at his house in the Vatican. [Um, he’s the friggin’ Pope. Can’t he get an exemption?]

The cat now stays with a neighbor near Benedict’s former home in Bavaria.

I’m not sure what’s stranger: That Benedict has a cat, that his cat wrote a book, or that his cat is named Chico.

1 comment April 20th, 2008 at 03:23pm Posted by Eli

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Lieberman’s Big But

Once again, I am left to wonder just what on Earth our party’s so-called “leadership” is thinking…

There is much speculation that the Democrats will run Mr. Lieberman out of their caucus (he now sits with Democrats and votes with them on most issues not related to the war) if they widen their margin in the Senate after the November elections. But Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Democratic leader, has pledged that he would not disown Mr. Lieberman under those circumstances and said he considered him a good friend.

A member of the Senate Democratic leadership, who insisted on not being identified, said: “The bloggers want us to get rid of him. It ain’t happening.” He added: “We need every vote. He’s with us on everything but the war.”

For most Democrats, however, that’s a pretty big “but.”

Um, yeah.  I should say so.  And the war is hardly the only issue that Lieberman has sided with the Republicans on (*cough cough Alito cough cough cough*).  I’d like to think that they’re just talking nice so Joe won’t stab them in the back before they can safely get rid of him, but I know better.

The story also contained this rather inexplicable quote:

Mr. Lieberman strayed so far from the Democratic fold on Iraq that his own party disowned him in 2006, supporting an antiwar candidate, Ned Lamont, against him in the Connecticut Senate primary.

Um, wait, when did this happen?  The party’s base supported Lamont in the primary, as well as a few individuals, but the party leadership was neutral at best. Hell, even after the primary the Democratic party didn’t give Lamont much help, even though he was officially their candidate.

April 20th, 2008 at 02:13pm Posted by Eli

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AZ Republic Misses The Scoop

Cleavage OMG!

I don’t know how the AZ Republic failed to notice this in their story about how Cindy McCain is totally not a trophy wife.  I mean, if it’s big news when a presidential candidate flashes some Demcolletage, shouldn’t it be news when a presidential candidate’s wife does the same?  Especially if she bankrolled his entry into politics?

I don’t know about you, but I believe that Americans have a right to know if their candidates are being secretly funded by cleavagofascists.  I urge you all to join together with me to oppose and expose the Mammarian Candidate before it’s too late. Your children will thank you – unless they’re teenage boys.

(h/t bmaz)

April 20th, 2008 at 12:45pm Posted by Eli

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