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Oh, this is just too rich:

Four years before the GOP embraced John Kennedy as the Republican best suited to challenge Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu for her seat, they were blasting the guy as a weak-kneed, loser populist, with no political know-how or support.

That’s because before Kennedy chose to take on Landrieu in 2008, he ran as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate in 2004. And in the process of finishing a distant third in the race, the National Republican Senatorial Committee put together a scathing background file on Kennedy that, given the inverse political scenario today, is highly embarrassing for his current candidacy.

In the 13-page 2004 report, which was obtained by The Huffington Post, the NRSC attacks Kennedy for supporting Sen. John Kerry over President George Bush, for having an ineffective legislative record, using state funds to further his career, and not even being the Democratic Party’s first choice for the job.

Four years later — with Louisiana presenting the one serious chance for the GOP to pick up a Senate seat — the group is hoping the political world suffers a bout of amnesia and that Kennedy can prove to be a bit more effective as a Republican.

HuffPo then provides some nice, juicy samples of the NRSC’s attacks on their own candidate, concluding, “In this race, it seems, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee already has a hand with its opposition research.”

I don’t know what I can add to that, really.  I’d say that it demonstrates that Republicans are simply politicians who could never hack it as Democrats, but most Democrats can’t hack it as Democrats either…

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Monday Media Blogging

If you’re a Phantasm fan, this is guaranteed to blow your mind.  If you’re not a Phantasm fan, well, it’s still pretty peculiar:

Yes, it’s The Tall Man singing a whimsical song of his own composition, which appears to be about sexually molesting prairie dogs. Be sure to watch the whole thing – you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Angus Scrimm get all kissy-kissy.

And as long as we’re looking at actors branching into other forms of media:

It’s the Traci Lords exercise video!

It’s not so much that it’s a video of a scandalous ex-porn-star wriggling around aerobically, it’s the stupendously silly rhyming motivational narration that goes along with it.

Move your hips from side to side
‘Til there’s no fat to hide
Keep your tummy firm and tight
If it hurts you’ve got to FIGHT!

And so on.

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Secretary Of Stupid

Condi Rice talks smack about al-Sadr, here:

“He is still living in Iran. I guess it’s all out war for anybody but him,” Rice said of Sadr, who has not appeared in public in Iraq in nearly a year.

“His followers can go to their death and he will still be in Iran,” she told reporters travelling with her on a trip to Baghdad.

and here:

Ms. Rice said that she was not sure how to interpret a statement on Saturday by the Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr, whose Mahdi Army fighters have been battling Iraqi and American forces in Sadr City and in the south, that he would declare “war until liberation” if the fighting against his militia forces continued.

“I don’t know whether to take him seriously or not,” Ms. Rice said.

Wow.  I think our Secretary Of State just double-dog-dared the most powerful man in Iraq to declare all-out war on our troops.  Brilliant.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

(h/t Siun and VoteVets)

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