Lieberman’s Big But

April 20th, 2008at 02:13pm Posted by Eli

Once again, I am left to wonder just what on Earth our party’s so-called “leadership” is thinking…

There is much speculation that the Democrats will run Mr. Lieberman out of their caucus (he now sits with Democrats and votes with them on most issues not related to the war) if they widen their margin in the Senate after the November elections. But Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Democratic leader, has pledged that he would not disown Mr. Lieberman under those circumstances and said he considered him a good friend.

A member of the Senate Democratic leadership, who insisted on not being identified, said: “The bloggers want us to get rid of him. It ain’t happening.” He added: “We need every vote. He’s with us on everything but the war.”

For most Democrats, however, that’s a pretty big “but.”

Um, yeah.  I should say so.  And the war is hardly the only issue that Lieberman has sided with the Republicans on (*cough cough Alito cough cough cough*).  I’d like to think that they’re just talking nice so Joe won’t stab them in the back before they can safely get rid of him, but I know better.

The story also contained this rather inexplicable quote:

Mr. Lieberman strayed so far from the Democratic fold on Iraq that his own party disowned him in 2006, supporting an antiwar candidate, Ned Lamont, against him in the Connecticut Senate primary.

Um, wait, when did this happen?  The party’s base supported Lamont in the primary, as well as a few individuals, but the party leadership was neutral at best. Hell, even after the primary the Democratic party didn’t give Lamont much help, even though he was officially their candidate.

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