Stop Him Before He Supports Our Troops Again

April 7th, 2008at 07:20am Posted by Eli

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry called one of our troops in Iraq a “two-bit security guard” for not allowing him into the gym without proper authorization, now he’s actually helping the insurgents:

Only two days after McHenry promoted a video of himself in the Green Zone describing in detail the effectiveness of the rocket attacks on Easter Sunday, the area was hit with a barrage that killed two U.S. soldiers and wounded 17 others.  It was the deadliest attack on the Green Zone so far this year.

The information McHenry divulged in a video on his official Congressional website on Friday was critical for a number of reasons.  Here it is, along with the transcript below:

McHENRY: Good morning.  You see, right over my back here (points), there was a rocket attack this morning.  According to our folks here, there were eleven rockets, uh, one hit just over my head, another hit a parking lot, and another hit the gym.  Well, interestingly enough, I wasn’t able to get into the gym this morning because I didn’t have an ID that was appropriate.  And so I was escorted back to the room and just a few minutes later, that’s when the rocket attacks occurred.  So, uh, small wonders. . .what a small blessing. . .a big blessing on Easter Sunday morning.  So, thanks so much.

This quote, coupled with McHenry’s comment about the “two-bit security guard” on March 29th, is not good.  The bottom line is that whoever launched that strike could take the information McHenry provided and use it to kill Americans in the Green Zone.  This is why professionals operating in a combat zone are trained not to reveal any battle damage after an attack.  You never want the enemy to know whether or not he’s been successful.  In this case, Congressman McHenry very clearly broke “operations security” (OPSEC) by revealing “critical information” as defined in Army regulations.

On Saturday, I communicated with one military officer currently in the Green Zone who stated that this was “undoubtedly a violation of OPSEC.”  On Sunday evening, I spoke with a senior intelligence official in Washington who seemed dumbfounded by McHenry’s remarks.  Asked whether he considered this a breach of operations security, the official shouted over the phone at me, “Of course!  He’s helping to dial them in.”  He meant the people firing the rockets.

Unfortunately, only two days after the bellicose, yet clueless, Congressman McHenry posted the video, more rockets rained down on the Green Zone–this time killing two U.S. soldiers and wounding 17 in the most damaging attack on U.S. forces in the Green Zone since last year.

Awesome.  Way to go, Pat.  I’m sure the troops are real grateful for your little visit.

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