The Double Talk Express

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The Boston Globe has a great, albeit incomplete, editorial essentially retracting their endorsement of McCain:

THE CORE of John McCain’s appeal as a candidate has always been his reputation for taking positions that offend special interests. This newspaper endorsed McCain in the Republican presidential primary late last year because – to quote ourselves – he “actually levels with voters even at significant political expense.” But as his quixotic candidacy grew into the Republican nomination, McCain’s “straight-talk express” started going off the rails.

In 2001, McCain criticized President Bush’s tax cuts with their lopsided tilt to the rich. More recently, he has called for extending them. The author of an amendment in 2006 banning torture by US officials, this year he backed Bush’s veto of legislation banning torture by US intelligence agencies. The onetime proponent of comprehensive immigration reform now goes along with strictly punitive approaches. In 1998, McCain called for a $1.10 increase in the tax on cigarettes. Last year, he opposed a 61-cent increase in that tax.


Taking positions with an eye toward Republican voters explains why McCain now backs the Bush tax cuts he once opposed, no longer favors sweeping immigration reform, and supported a Bush veto of the bill banning torture by intelligence agencies. The maverick has had a makeover.

I say incomplete, because they missed the biggest McCain flip-flop of all, on his signature defining issue, the one which he used to rehabilitate his issue after being one of the Keating 5.  McCain has gone from being virtually synonymous with campaign finance reform to being one of its most conspicuous and brazen scofflaws.

McCain may have been a straight-talking maverick once, but now he’s every bit as much of a GOP establishment phony as Bush was in 2000.  Which is to say, completely.

Hopefully Obama or Clinton will have the sense to run some commercials along the lines of, “John McCain was for campaign finance reform before he was against it”, “John McCain was against torture before he was for it”, etc.

(h/t Julia)

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