This Just In: Pat Buchanan Continues To Be Racist And Insane

April 9th, 2008at 08:04pm Posted by Eli

What the hell?  I mean, What. The. Hell???

According to Buchanan, WWII was a bad war because Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev were all even worse than Hitler, and if there hadn’t been a war, there wouldn’t have been a Holocaust(!).  Yes, I’m sure if we had left Hitler alone and let him have Poland and whatever other countries he wanted, he would have left everybody alone, including the Jews, and I’m sure all the countries he took over would have been much better off under the Nazis than the Soviets.

Also, Japan’s occupation of China was actually a good thing, because it prevented Mao’s disastrous rise to power.  When we foolishly took down the Japanese empire, there was nothing to prevent Mao from taking over China.

It’s true that WWII probably teaches us some lessons about unintended consequences, and possibly opened some doors for amoral opportunists like Stalin and Mao, but to argue that it was actually a bad war, you have to essentially argue that the Nazis and the imperial Japanese (and the HOLOCAUST) were really not so bad, and certainly better than the alternative.  You also have to argue that, left to their own devices, the Nazis would never have attacked France or Great Britain or the Soviet Union, and the Japanese would never have attacked the U.S.

IANAH (I am not a historian), but my sense is that while Japan might have left us alone if we promised them a free hand in the Pacific, there’s no way Germany was not going to try to take over all of Europe at the least.  Indeed, by forcing the issue, the Allies forced Hitler to overextend and play defense rather than just picking off countries at his leisure – he was also denied the opportunity to fully deploy fighter jets, ballistic missiles, and possibly nukes, which would have been huge difference-makers.  Without WWII, all of Africa, Europe, Asia, and probably Australia would be split between Japan and Nazi Germany, and the only Jews left on the planet would be in the Americas.  I just don’t see how any of that would be a good thing.

If it were written by someone other than Buchanan, I would think the whole thing was a setup, to trick us liberals into giving conservatives ammunition for their why-Saddam-had-to-be-destroyed-immediately arguments.  But crazy and racist and evil as he may be, Buchanan is as opposed to the Iraqupation as we are.  I think he sees parallels to WWII, but to him they’re a reason to stay out.

(h/t dakine)

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