Vicarious McCain-Snuffalupagus Wrap-Up

April 20th, 2008at 04:47pm Posted by Eli

MoveOn’s Adam Green was kind enough to liveblog Mr. Snuffalupagus’s interview with McCain, which I, uh, kinda slept through.  I was very interested to see whether Snuffy would ask McCain the same proportion of gotcha electability questions as he and Charlie Gibson asked of the Democratic presidential candidates.

In a word… no.  According to Adam’s summary, Snuffy asked 17 total questions, and only 5 of them were not related to substantive policy (as opposed to roughly half in the Democratic debate).  By my count, there was a question on temperament, a question on age, a question on Hagee (McCain said he condemned Hagee’s anti-Catholic comments), and a question on Obama and the ex-Weatherman(!), and one that I can’t really identify, probably something about Wright (“Question 11 – Obama disagreed with him. McCain: ‘He disagrees, but will he condemn?'”).  Boy, Snuffy really likes that Weatherman question a whole bunch if he’s asking Republicans about it now.

So in other words, even out of Snuffy’s 5 non-policy questions, 2 of them were gotchas against Obama.  What a tool.

UPDATE: Okay, after reviewing the actual interview video, Snuffy didn’t ask McCain about Obama and the Weatherman, he asked McCain about Obama’s patriotism, and then McCain went on at length about how horrible Ayres is and what a wonderful humanitarian Tom Coburn is.  I would also say that Question 11 wasn’t really a question, more like a follow-up on McCain’s Ayrtrage.

I’ll also give Snuffy credit for some fairly adversarial questioning, especially on McCain’s insistence that he can cut taxes and balance the budget, simply by getting rid of the ever-popular Republican bugaboo, Government Waste – and on McCain’s promise to cut taxes even if he didn’t succeed in cutting spending.

So it wasn’t a Tim Russert-style tongue bath, but intermittently-tough-but-fair is still a whole lot better than unrelentingly-tough-and-unfair.

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