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Your Impartial Liberal Media

Look what Mike Caulfield found in the CNBC Store.

I assume they had lots of anti-McCain novelty items there as well, right?


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Breaking News: Friedman Unit Has Been Redeployed Stateside

After years of being stop-lossed, I guess even the venerable and indefatigable Friedman Unit needed a break from Iraq:

The news media are so far in the tank for John McCain, many reporters don’t bother even trying to pretend that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has faced the level of scrutiny they’ve given Democrats Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and, when he was in the race, John Edwards.

Instead, like teenagers trying to put off homework so they can go to the mall, they insist they’ll get around to scrutinizing McCain … eventually. Once the GOP primary campaign heats up. Or once he wraps up the GOP nomination. Or once the Democrats pick a nominee. Or after the conventions. Or before his first State of the Union address. No later than midway through his re-election campaign. Really. They promise.

Just this week, Newsweek‘s Richard Wolffe acknowledged, “I don’t think there’s an equal balance of criticism and focus here. In some ways, John McCain is getting a free ride,” then added, “But at some point, that scrutiny will come.”

At some point. Someday.

Washington Post reporter Shailagh Murray was slightly more specific in an online discussion on Monday: “[J]ust wait. Once the primary battle is over, Sen. McCain will get his fair share of scrutiny.”

Just wait. Be patient. Eventually, the nation’s largest news organizations will get around to telling you whether the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is lying, or flip-flopping, or just flat doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Not today or tomorrow, mind you — but someday.

Hmm, let’s see…  Six months would put us at… May 5th.  When is the election again?

May 5th, 2008 at 10:43pm Posted by Eli

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After The Lovings

Another American hero gone:

Mildred Loving was a black woman who married a white man in Virginia, which was against the law in the state. She took her case all the way up to the Supreme Court, which struck down interracial marriage bans in the 1967 Loving v. Virginia decision. Today it was announced that she has died at the age of 68. But what her AP obituary doesn’t mention—hopefully others will correct the oversight—is that last year Mildred Loving came out foursquare for marriage equality for same-sex couples as well, and insisted you should, too. Here was her statement:

We didn’t get married in Washington because we wanted to marry there. We did it there
because the government wouldn’t allow us to marry back home in Virginia where we
grew up, where we met, where we fell in love, and where we wanted to be together and
build our family. You see, I am a woman of color and Richard was white, and at that
time people believed it was okay to keep us from marrying because of their ideas of who
should marry whom.

When Richard and I came back to our home in Virginia, happily married, we had no
intention of battling over the law. We made a commitment to each other in our love and
lives, and now had the legal commitment, called marriage, to match. Isn’t that what
marriage is?

Not long after our wedding, we were awakened in the middle of the night in our own
bedroom by deputy sheriffs and actually arrested for the “crime” of marrying the wrong
kind of person. Our marriage certificate was hanging on the wall above the bed.

The state prosecuted Richard and me, and after we were found guilty, the judge declared:
“Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed
them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there
would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.”
He sentenced us to a year in prison, but offered to suspend the sentence if we left our home in Virginia for 25 years exile.

We left, and got a lawyer. Richard and I had to fight, but still were not fighting for a
cause. We were fighting for our love.

Though it turned out we had to fight, happily Richard and I didn’t have to fight alone.
Thanks to groups like the ACLU and the NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund, and
so many good people around the country willing to speak up, we took our case for the
freedom to marry all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. And on June 12, 1967, the
Supreme Court ruled unanimously that, “The freedom to marry has long been recognized
as one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free
men,” a “basic civil right.”


Surrounded as I am now by wonderful children and grandchildren, not a day goes by that
I don’t think of Richard and our love, our right to marry, and how much it meant to me to
have that freedom to marry the person precious to me, even if others thought he was the
“wrong kind of person” for me to marry. I believe all Americans, no matter their race, no
matter their sex, no matter their sexual orientation, should have that same freedom to marry. Government has no business imposing some people’s religious beliefs over
others. Especially if it denies people’s civil rights.

I am still not a political person, but I am proud that Richard’s and my name is on a court
case that can help reinforce the love, the commitment, the fairness, and the family that so
many people, black or white, young or old, gay or straight seek in life. I support the
freedom to marry for all. That’s what Loving, and loving, are all about.

Two things jump out at me here:

1) Mildred Loving is awesome, and she recognizes that prohibiting same-sex marriages now is the same kind of injustice as preventing mixed-race marriages was then.

2) Since when is “God created the races separate” any kind of recognizable or acceptable legal argument?  I thought our system of law was supposed to be based on the Constitution and not the Bible.  I wish there were a way to remove judges when they demonstrate themselves to be manifestly unqualified or unfit for their positions.

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Oh, goody!  The WaPo is diligently protecting us from misinformation in all its forms, debunking Reverend Wright’s claims that the US government invented AIDS.  What a relief!

I now eagerly await their followup, in which they explain that American public schools are not, in fact, performing abortions or teaching “precursors to witchcraft” as John McCain’s BFF Pastor Hagee says. I hope they get on that right away – I’m sure a lot of parents are very worried.

(h/t dakine)

May 5th, 2008 at 08:25pm Posted by Eli

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Rush Limbaugh Continues To Be Not At All Racist, Nope


Today, Rush Limbaugh appeared on Fox News to discuss to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (D-NY) joke that he has a crush on her. Limbaugh responded with a story about how President Bill Clinton once allegedly tried to hit on his date. He said that Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who was with Clinton, distracted him, because he wasn’t sure if Villaraigosa was a “shoe shine guy” or a “Secret Service agent”:

I understand now why Bill Clinton hit on my date about a year ago at the Kobe Club in New York. I was minding my own business and Clinton came in. And the short version is he used the mayor of Los Angeles to distract me, while hitting on my date. […]

He came over three or four times, had Ron Burkle with him and the mayor of Los Angeles, who I thought was either the shoe shine guy or a Secret Service agent.

What a card.  This guy should be getting the Imus treatment every week, if not every day.

(Cartoon from Married To The Sea)

May 5th, 2008 at 07:19pm Posted by Eli

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Yet Another Multi Medium Milestone

As of Right Now, my blog has had 120,956 visits over both its incarnations… and 122,187 spam comments.

This is even more depressing when you consider that I’ve been blogging since February 2005, but I’ve only been able to track spam comments since last January.

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Revenge Of The Return Of The Son Of Post-Implosion Photoblogging

Some more lovely debris 4 U:

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Monday Monkey Media Blogging

First up is Nina Conti with Monk, messing with the Rules Of Ventriloquism:

The longer you watch, the weirder it gets.

(I kinda preferred this version, but the sound gets out of synch towards the end. At least, I think it does – the routine’s so meta that I can’t be sure.)

And then there’s Damon Scott and Bubbles…

Well, that’s another niche filled.

May 5th, 2008 at 07:13am Posted by Eli

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