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Were You Aware Of It?

Did you know that Islamic terrorists were on the verge of taking over the Middle East – possibly even the entire world?

In a speech before the Knesset, Bush compared calls to talk with unnamed terrorist groups as a “foolish delusion” that was suggested before World War II.

“As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American senator declared, ‘Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been avoided,’ ” Bush said. “We have an obligation to call this what it is — the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history.”

Former President Jimmy Carter recently wrapped up a trip to the Middle East, which included talks with leaders of Hamas — an Islamic militant group that controls the Palestinian territory of Gaza.

Carter hoped to persuade Hamas to negotiate with Israel in an attempt to reach a broader Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

Yes, that’s right: Talks and negotiations are exactly the same as appeasement, and the terrorists are exactly the same as the Nazis.

Funny thing, how when the Nazis were invading Europe, it was the Democratic president who wanted to confront them, and the Republicans who wanted us to stay out of it.  And that’s not even mentioning the fact that Dubya’s own grandfather continued doing business with Nazi Germany until the year after they declared war on us…

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Crazy Tech News Of The Day

Spreadable displays/solar panels!

Not satisfied with a future vision that already includes flexible screens and wafer-thin phones, a pair of Japanese companies has pushed the envelope to come up with far-fetched gadgets that do all of the above without ever going near a power socket.

The key to the work by Mitsubishi Chemical and Sumitomo Chemical lies in so-called spreadable electronics – liquids containing molecules of the type used in OLED screens.

Engineers like Tokitaro Hoshijima at Mitsubishi Chemical see the possibility of using spreadable electronics to create both ultra-thin displays and solar panels at the same time [subscription link].

Because solar cells and OLEDs work on similar, but opposite, principles, it is possible to make materials that both take light and turn it into electricity and also do the opposite to provide a controllable display.

Hoshijima and many others are working on a molecular soup that can be spread anywhere and then dried to leave a residue layer that is only 100nm thick. This currently forms the basis for their proposed solar cell.

He explains: “What I want to create is a world that does not need power sockets.” He goes on to describe how his paste applied to the back of a phone could be enough to charge the device when exposed to light.

By the same token, researchers at Sumitomo Chemical have created a similar organic solution that can be sprayed onto a surface to create an OLED screen.

Such a display could be on a rollable piece of plastic or even applied directly to a wall. The solar-charging properties described above mean it would never need to be plugged in.

Blue-sky projects like these typically take years to bear fruit, but both companies are looking at getting usable prototype devices ready within the next two years.

Wow.  I really hope they can pull this off. You could paint displays on your clothes – or solar panels to power your iPod and charge your cellphone.  A paintable display could also be pretty much any size and shape you want.  And if you could actually paint your house with solar panel paint, you could seriously cut down on your electric bills.  Amazing.

Probably too good to be true, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

(h/t OLED Info by way of Engadget)

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Tracking Number

I’m waiting on some packages today…

(From Married To The Sea)

May 15th, 2008 at 11:31am Posted by Eli

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Enabler’s Remorse

It’s always fun when Ad Nags writes his “Party In Disarray” story (it’s pretty much the same story every time, he just switches the names around) about the Republicans:

The Republican defeat in a special Congressional contest in Mississippi sent waves of apprehension across an already troubled party Wednesday, with some senior Republicans urging Congressional candidates to distance themselves from President Bush to head off what could be heavy losses in the fall.


Representative Tom Davis, Republican of Virginia and former leader of his party’s Congressional campaign committee, issued a dire warning that the Republican Party had been severely damaged, in no small part because of its identification with President Bush. Mr. Davis said that, unless Republican candidates changed course, they could lose 20 seats in the House and 6 in the Senate.

“They are canaries in the coal mine, warning of far greater losses in the fall, if steps are not taken to remedy the current climate,” Mr. Davis said in a memorandum. “The political atmosphere facing House Republicans this November is the worst since Watergate and is far more toxic than it was in 2006.”


Representative Peter T. King, Republican of New York, said it appeared that lawmakers might have to fend for themselves. “You are going to have to run on who you are and establish some independence, and that is going to be tougher for some than others,” Mr. King said.


Advisers to Mr. McCain said they thought the problems Congressional Republicans were having would not translate into significant problems for Mr. McCain. But they said it steeled their resolve to run a campaign that distinguished Mr. McCain from both Mr. Bush and a Congress where he has served, in the House and the Senate, since January 1983. They said Mr. McCain would seek — sometimes explicitly, sometimes not — to distance himself by speaking critically of what he has described as excessive spending in Washington, as well on issues like the environment.

See, here’s the thing: after two, four, six, or eight years of gleefully voting for whatever ill-conceived crap Dubya served up, you do not suddenly get to pretend that he’s not your buddy.  You’ve been showing up at the club with him every night, with your tongue down his throat, and now you want to pretend that you don’t even know him?  Uh-uh.

Yeah, I’m sure it was fun sticking together and winning all those votes over those wimpy Democrats to let Dubya have his way on everything, but now you actually have to own up to them and explain why you mindlessly did everything The Worst President Ever told you to do.  Or I guess you could try to deny them, or claim that your votes were misquoted or taken out of context or something.

Good luck with that.

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