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Happy Memorial Day From The Arizona GOP!

I’m not sure the troops (or veterans, as the case may be) can survive much more support…

State health inspectors declared that Arizona’s nursing home for veterans was again putting its patients in immediate jeopardy after being called to the home on Thursday.

State Department of Health Services director Susan Gerard said licensing inspectors arrived at the Arizona State Veteran Home in Phoenix after hearing that a patient who couldn’t care for himself was discharged, driven home and left to fend for himself.

The inspectors concluded that the case was so egregious that they would not leave the facility and declared its patients in immediate jeopardy, Gerard said Friday. That’s the worst possible rating for a nursing home.

After working with staff to make sure discharge policies were modified to their satisfaction, they left.


The 200-bed facility was in a similar spot in March 2007 when inspectors found neglected patients and mismanagement. That led to the resignation of state Department of Veterans’ Services director Patrick Chorpenning.

Chorpenning is suing the state, contending that he was forced to resign from the position and defamed.


Inspectors reported cases of patients burning themselves with cigarettes, left in soiled clothes and bedding and being ignored when calling for help.

The veterans’ home was hit with more than $20,000 in state and federal fines. Lawmakers gave the department an additional $6.1 million to hire more than 40 new staff, raise nursing salaries, replace equipment and make other improvements.

A new administration was hired and the governor appointed retired National Guard Brig. Gen. Richard Maxon to lead the agency and clean up the nursing home mess. He announced earlier this month that he would retire on July 1.

In the latest case, a diabetic recovering after being hospitalized with a brain injury was reported to have no medication when investigators from the state’s Adult Protective Services checked on him at home in response to a complaint. They reported their findings Thursday to licensing officials at the Health Services Department.

The Napolitano administration hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory here, but guess which party controls the state legislature and budget?

I have never understood how the Republicans sustain the massive cognitive dissonance between their stridently pro-troops brand and their consistently fuck-the-troops policies.  I would love to see the Democrats hammer the hypocrisy mercilessly in this year’s elections… and all future ones.

(h/t bmaz)

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I Approve.

So there’s this guy in Japan, Ken Ohyama, who takes pictures of highway interchanges, mostly at night.  Damn, I wish I had thought of that.

(I do have some Newark Airport photos which are kind of similar, tho.)

A coupla more of my favorites:


(h/t Pink Tentacle)

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