Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Syria…

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Just to give you an idea of who has McCain’s ear these days…

PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, THE REAL NEWS NETWORK:…John McCain has been assembling his team, and in his foreign policy team are some very interesting figures. First and foremost, James Woolsey, former head of the CIA. And then a man named Randy Schoenberg, who with Woolsey helped constitute something called the Committee on the Present Danger, co-chaired by Senators Kyl and Lieberman, who pushed the resolution declaring the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as terrorist. And the Committee on the Present Danger is quite dedicated to regime change in Iran and Syria, and the fundamental thesis of the Project for a New American Century document, which is the projection of American military might to reshape the world.

[FORMER REPUBLICAN AND MORE-OR-LESS SANE PERSON] ERIC MARGOLIS, ANALYST, THE REAL NEWS NETWORK: Well, I’ve met Woolsey on a number of occasions, been on TV programs with him in Washington, and I would be very nervous to have this man anywhere in a high-level government position. The reason is that he’s one of the point men for the extreme right wing of the Republican Party. They’re almost so far right wing you can hear goose-stepping. They want a very militaristic foreign policy. They want to use American power to destroy all of Israel’s perceived enemies.

JAY: Eric, in that respect, let me show you a piece of video. This is a clip of James Woolsey speaking during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, and this is Woolsey calling for what he thinks should be the American approach at that moment towards Syria.

[COMPLETELY BATSHIT INSANE REPUBLICAN] JIM WOOLSEY, FORMER CIA DIRECTOR: …I think Iran is the puppet master, and Syria and Hezbollah and Hamas to varying degrees are the puppets. This is really about Iran versus the US, and Israel is in the way.

INTERVIEWER: Woolsey, are you saying that we should be hitting Syria, we should be hitting the airport, we should be hitting Bashar Assad’s office?

WOOLSEY: Yes. The last thing we ought to do now, I think—.

INTERVIEWER: Well, you mean we the United States, not Israel.

WOOLSEY: Yes. Yes. I think the last thing we ought to do now is to start talking about ceasefires. This is a very serious challenge from Iran, and we need to weaken them badly, and undermining the Syrian government with air strikes would help weaken them badly.

INTERVIEWER: If undermining Syria, if taking Syria down a peg or two by actually hitting them with air strikes would be effective, why not hit something in Iran?

WOOLSEY: Well, you know, one has to take things to some degree by steps.

Alrighty then.  Bomb Syria first, then work your way up to Iran.  Very sensible, very Serious.  I’m sure there couldn’t possibly be any kind of unintended consequences whatsoever.  Do you really want this bloodthirsty nutjob whispering in the ear of the President Of The United States?  Do you really want a president who makes Dubya look reasonable and moderate?

(h/t David Goldstein)

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  • 1. charley  |  May 12th, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    yeah, because the lily pad plan worked so well with iraq.

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