Breaking News: Friedman Unit Has Been Redeployed Stateside

May 5th, 2008at 10:43pm Posted by Eli

After years of being stop-lossed, I guess even the venerable and indefatigable Friedman Unit needed a break from Iraq:

The news media are so far in the tank for John McCain, many reporters don’t bother even trying to pretend that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has faced the level of scrutiny they’ve given Democrats Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and, when he was in the race, John Edwards.

Instead, like teenagers trying to put off homework so they can go to the mall, they insist they’ll get around to scrutinizing McCain … eventually. Once the GOP primary campaign heats up. Or once he wraps up the GOP nomination. Or once the Democrats pick a nominee. Or after the conventions. Or before his first State of the Union address. No later than midway through his re-election campaign. Really. They promise.

Just this week, Newsweek‘s Richard Wolffe acknowledged, “I don’t think there’s an equal balance of criticism and focus here. In some ways, John McCain is getting a free ride,” then added, “But at some point, that scrutiny will come.”

At some point. Someday.

Washington Post reporter Shailagh Murray was slightly more specific in an online discussion on Monday: “[J]ust wait. Once the primary battle is over, Sen. McCain will get his fair share of scrutiny.”

Just wait. Be patient. Eventually, the nation’s largest news organizations will get around to telling you whether the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is lying, or flip-flopping, or just flat doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Not today or tomorrow, mind you — but someday.

Hmm, let’s see…  Six months would put us at… May 5th.  When is the election again?

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