John McCain, International Man Of Integrity

May 20th, 2008at 09:45pm Posted by Eli

Okay, so it’s all well and good that Senator McCampaign Finance is suddenly on a big ethics kick with all the lobbyists on his campaign staff, and is actually firing people (while clinging like grim death to lobbyist key adviser Charlie Black and lobbyist campaign manager Rick Davis), but it begs the question… How did all these people end up on his campaign in the first place?

That question is even more pointed when you consider this:

Senator John McCain has a lobbyist problem. This past week, as several aides resigned because of their work representing unsavory governments, his campaign implemented a new policy governing these potential conflicts of interest. That led to the departure of additional staffers, including former Rep. Thomas Loeffler, a key adviser and fundraiser.

The McCain camp has insisted that the resignations are nothing more than evidence of the Senator’s sincerity in combating outside influences. But the truth, reform groups say, is far from adulatory: McCain’s current policy simply doesn’t compare to the ethical commitments he championed earlier in his career.

Just twelve years ago, when McCain was politically recuperating from his involvement in the Keating Five scandal, he introduced legislation that would, if implemented today, cripple his presidential campaign.

In March 1996 and again the following year, McCain offered a bill that, in his own words, “would ban a candidate or a candidate’s authorized committee from paying registered lobbyists.”


“Registered lobbyists who work for campaigns as fundraisers clearly represent a conflict of interest,” he added. “When a campaign employs an individual who also lobbies that Member, the perception of undue and unfair influence is raised.”

The legislation never passed.

So… 12 years ago, John McCain was totally against the idea of having lobbyists involved in political campaigns, and now he seems unable to hire anyone else?


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