More Republican Diplomatic Brilliance

May 6th, 2008at 07:39pm Posted by Eli

John McCain apparently thinks Dubya is way too soft on Russia:

President George W. Bush said in 2001 that he had looked Russian leader Vladimir Putin in the eye and “was able to get a sense of his soul.” Senator John McCain says he looked into Putin’s eyes “and saw three letters: KGB.”

McCain, 71, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, favors expelling Russia from the Group of Eight club of industrial powers. He calls for forging a “League of Democracies” to confront Putin and hand-picked successor Dmitry Medvedev, who takes over tomorrow, on Russian threats against former Soviet republics and rollbacks of domestic freedoms.

The candidate’s approach to Russia signals that he has aligned himself with hard-line foreign-policy advisers who favor democracy promotion above all and rejects advocates of doing business with authoritarian regimes when it suits U.S. interests.

McCain’s aggressive policy may encounter difficulties because the U.S. needs support from Russia, a nuclear power, on critical issues such as containing Iran. Russia’s economy, enriched by oil exports, also is less vulnerable to outside pressure than at the start of Bush’s presidency.

Umm… John?  You do know that the Cold War’s over, right?  No, Russia is not exactly a model global citizen (then again, neither are we), but it is not actually our enemy.  At least, not yet…

Oh, and I love this bit here, from Reagan’s old national security adviser, Robert McFarlane:

McFarlane said a McCain administration will be dominated at first by “neocon redux” advisers who favor challenging Russia at every turn. He predicts such a policy will founder on the reefs of Russia’s rising economic power.

“For the first year you’re going to see, very likely, disagreement, public sniping” between McCain and Russian leaders, McFarlane said at an April 28 forum at Simes’s center. “If there’s good news, it is that in the second year all those youngsters will get fired and maybe we’ll settle down to a more really realistic presidency.”

Heh.  Just like Dubya fired all of his neocons as soon as it became obvious what idiots they were.

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