More Signs That It May Not Be The GOP’s Year

May 30th, 2008at 07:12am Posted by Eli

Heh heh heh.  First Ogonowski doesn’t collect enough signatures to even get on the MA-SEN ballot, and the embarrassments just keep coming.

Dubya’s former internet campaign director, Mike Turk, by way of Stoller:

Feeling for Scott McLellan. Nice getting savaged for saying what everyone knows to be true anyway.

Mrs. Chuck Hagel:

According to Federal Election Commission records, Mrs. Hagel donated twice to Obama’s campaign in February for a total contribution of $500.

Staten Island:

Earlier today, we learned that the “frontrunner” for the nod [to run for disgraced Vito Fossella’s seat] was someone we’d never heard of and who hadn’t been been mentioned at all, by anyone, before about lunchtime today. Lanza was out and she was the new standard bearer for the SI GOoPs. This was, of course, after Dan Donovan said “No thanks”, after Fiala  took a pass as well.

This lead dome local GOP hacks to say things like  “Talk about dysfunctional? This is dysfunctional.” Today, after learning of Lisa Giovinazzo’s apparent “frontrunnerdom”, other GOoPs  told Liz:

As one disgruntled elephant told me earlier this afternoon: “If you can’t find someone to run for a seat that was once thought to be a sure-thing for Republicans, you might as well pack it in.”Said another, thoroughly disgusted GOPer: “The Staten Island Republican Party is dead.”

You would think that things simply could not get worse for these folks, right?


The GOP has just nominated Todt Hill resident Frank Powers to run for Congress.Powers is right now at the podium giving his acceptance speech at the Excelsior Grand in New Dorp.

Powers is on the board of directors of Richmond University Medical Center and has served as President of the Staten Island Academy. He served on the Board of the former St. Vincent’s Medical Center for over 20 years and is a past president of the Downtown Athletic Club and past president of the Heisman Trophy Foundation. He served as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences, and Chairman of the USS Sullivan’s’ Foundation. He is the former Chairman of the Board of St. Elizabeth Ann’s Health Care and Rehabilitation Center. He was appointed to the Board of the MTA in 2005. Powers also currently serves on the Board of Wagner College.

That’s right. This afternoon’s “frontrunner” got the cold shoulder and this guy, another guy no one has ever freakin’ heard of, got the nod. No, really. That guy in the picture, the one you’ve never even heard of.


Mr. NY-13 himself, Jonah sums it up nicely:

GOP nominates Frank Powers. Who?

The Republican Party just pulled a fast one on itself. After having 19 potential candidates they passed on and then declaring a front runner no one had ever heard of they nominated someone who wasn’t even good enough to be in those top 20….

So this guy serves on the board of a medical center that is closing clinics across the district and creating major health care concerns. He is on the board of the MTA, which mismanages transportation and funds and is the bane of existence for so many in the district. Oh but he is used to be president of the Heisman Trophy Foundation. Makes sense. He is loaded and can self finance. Congrats Republicans.

Stunning. Simply stunning.

I love the smell of meltdown in the morning.  Smells like… victory.

(h/t Brandon Friedman for the Mrs. Hagel tidbit)

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