Uh-Oh, Part II

May 1st, 2008at 11:38am Posted by Eli

Democratic geniuses, at it again:

Crikey, this is getting old. You may have seen by now that rumors of a new push on passage of FISA, and, of course, full retroactive immunity, are bubbling to the surface in the last 24 hours. Here is Jane. Here is Digby. Here is McJoan. From Jane at FDL:

According to the ACLU, there is rumor of a backroom deal being brokered by Jay Rockefeller on FISA that will include retroactive immunity. I’ve heard from several sources that Steny Hoyer is doing the dirty work on the House side, and some say it will be attached to the new supplemental.

A few more facts and circumstances are available now than were in the earlier stories. For one, we apparently see the “urgency lever” being pressed this time around (there always seems to be one in these plays, it’s a feature).

Bmaz then points out that:

1) Any surveillance that has been ordered under the Protect America Act has a 12-month lifespan, so no surveillance orders issued prior to the PAA expiration date would remain in place until after the end of Dubya’s term.  So if anything is expiring, the administration is letting it expire deliberately so they can manufacture urgency to use as a club against Democrats.  That’s a very responsible approach to Keeping America Safe, don’t you think?

2) The telcos aren’t pushing hard for immunity; it’s all coming from BushCo. and the GOP.  So it’s not so much that the telecoms are afraid of getting sued, it’s the Bush administration that’s afraid of the telecoms getting sued… resulting in exposure of all the bullshitting they did to get their illegal wiretaps on.

3) The word “compromise” almost always means “giving the administration everything they want in exchange for a few meaningless concessions… maybe.”  Actual compromises, like judicial determinations of whether telecom immunity is warranted, are completely unacceptable.

This is not encouraging.  Hopefully if all else fails, Dodd can dig in his heels again, but really, it should have to come down to that every single time.

Better Democrats, please.

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