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May 14th, 2008at 11:39am Posted by Eli

Another quest comes to a happy end:

Martini shakers and stirrers everywhere are expected to make a mass exodus to the U.K. after a group of hikers announced they’ve discovered the Fountain of Vermouth.

Charles Forde, 41, of Manchester, stumbled upon God’s gift to the updrink drinker during a camping trip in Northumberland.

“I was looking for wood to start a campfire,” Forde told Weekly World News, “but I stumbled on something that warmed us up even better — an endless supply of the martini mixin.

“At first I thought it was just your regular, run-of-the-mill bubbling water spout, but the smell was what got me thinking twice,” he said. “It was sweet, but strong, so I bent down and took a quick sniff and sip, realized it was dry vermouth, and ran all the way back to the tent to tell everyone else!”

The other campers, William Ackers, 39, and Harry Lamport, 40, also from Manchester, were equally excited about the Fountain of Vermouth. The trio spent the next four days relaxing by the gushing goodness, then staggered home to report their find to the local government.

“Vermouth usually comes from Italy or France, so we were excited that England can get in on the sales too,” Forde said.

Although the Fountain of Vermouth was found just last week, English officials expect word to spread quickly and are preparing for a sharp spike in tourism to the Northumberland area.

“We expect martini lovers will plan their vacations around the fountain, literally,” said head of tourism Roger Reed. “In fact, there’s one thing the area is missing in order become the perfect outdoor watering hole.

“We need to plant some olive trees.”

And maybe some gin blossoms.

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