You Realize, Of Course, That This Means War.

2 comments May 19th, 2008at 10:48pm Posted by Eli

Obama has thrown down the gauntlet:

Democrat Barack Obama said on Sunday he would pursue a vigorous antitrust policy if he becomes U.S. president and singled out the media industry as one area where government regulators would need to be watchful as consolidation increases.

“I will assure that we will have an antitrust division that is serious about pursuing cases,” the Illinois senator told an audience of mostly senior citizens in Oregon.

“There are going to be areas, in the media for example where we’re seeing more and more consolidation, that I think (it) is legitimate to ask…is the consumer being served?”

Yowza.  This is potentially an enormous deal if Obama follows through on it… and if the media’s inevitable all-out war against him doesn’t keep him out of the White House.  Of course, less consolidated media is no guarantee of less conservative media – if wealthy progressives don’t take advantage, we’ll just end up with media owned by more and smaller wingnuts.

The other aspect of this that is interesting and potentially huge is what happens if the media does launch the all-out attack on Obama that I think they will.  The best-case scenario is that Obama starts punching back, pointing out the media’s corporate ownership and questioning their credibility.  Sure, other Democrats could do the same, but only a presidential candidate’s utterances are automatically newsworthy enough to be reported even when they are, shall we say… inconvenient.

As great as unconsolidating the media could be, damaging their credibility might be even more valuable in the short run.  I would much rather have voters saying, “Yeah, the media says Obama is an America-hating, racist Muslim black nationalist, but consider the source,” as opposed to, “It must be true, I saw it on the teevee!”

As for the worst case, well, can you say “YEEEAAARRRGGGHHHH”?  Or “earth tones”?

(h/t Scarecrow)

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  • 1. Michael  |  May 19th, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    Bring. It. On.

    The corporate media isn’t just facing Barack Obama, they are facing the blogs, which give ordinary Americans a voice equal to theirs.

  • 2. Eli  |  May 19th, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    Not nearly equal, unfortunately. But a damn sight better than nothing, and a lot more than we had in 2004. And light years more than we had in 2000.

    If we had had any kind of a blogosphere back in 2000, Dubya would have been toast.

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