Lizzie Bumiller Can’t Quite Bring Herself To Admit That McCain Is Just Like Bush

June 17th, 2008at 11:39am Posted by Eli

She gets a lot closer than I ever would have thought possible, though.  She even notes some of his flip-flops, especially on tax cuts, where McCain is actually now worse than Dubya.

The differences, according to Bumiller, are McCain’s opposition to global warming (which is pretty much a cosmetic sham), his opposition to torture (ditto), and the fact that he’s now moved to the right of Bush on immigration.

She also throws in this little gem:

Yet while it would be hard to categorize him as a doctrinaire Republican or conservative, Mr. McCain appears to have ceded some of his carefully cultivated reputation as a maverick.

Actually, it’s very easy to categorize McCain as a doctrinaire Republican or conservative, Lizzie.  Maybe it wasn’t eight years ago, but it sure as hell is now.

And a little bit more:

In a CBS News poll two weeks ago, 43 percent of registered voters said they believed he would continue Mr. Bush’s policies, and 21 percent said he would be more conservative in his policies than Mr. Bush. Twenty-eight percent said he would be less conservative than Mr. Bush.

For those of you keeping score, that’s 64% of registered voters who believe McCain would be either the same as Bush, or farther to the right. Excellent.

Presidencies are about more than policies, of course, and Mr. McCain would bring a different style, background and world view to the White House should he be elected in November.

Style and background, I’ll grant.  But world view?  It’s exactly the same.  Taxes bad, corporations good, we need a strong daddy government that will stop at nothing to protect us from the evildoers.  Fortunately, it looks like the voters are starting to figure that out.

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