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July 24th, 2008at 10:07pm Posted by Eli

Oy.  First Michael Savage/Weiner calls autistic kids brats, then he tells Larry King Glenn Beck that he’s “a man who has spent his entire life defending the defenseless, mainly children,” and now Talk Radio Network gives us this:

Promptly after the Network’s management learned of the comments in issue, the Network commenced an investigation into the particulars and the circumstances of those comments. This investigation began with the Network’s CEO, Mark Masters, personally contacting Dr. Savage to address the concerns and obtain an explanation of the comments directly from Dr. Savage.

In that conversation, and other subsequent conversations between Mr. Masters and Dr. Savage, Dr. Savage explained the circumstances and intent of his statements in considerable detail. The Network also carefully monitored subsequent broadcasts of the Show, on Monday, July 21st and Tuesday, July 22nd, which were devoted to the subject of autism and further explanations by Dr. Savage of his views on the subject.

Dr. Savage has clarified that his July 16th statements concerning autism were not directed at those who are in fact challenged by this horrible affliction, but were instead addressing efforts to broaden the concept of autism beyond those who truly are autistic to a broader “autistic spectrum” of behavioral symptoms which are also manifested by persons who do not suffer from autism, and his concern that many children are being misdiagnosed as autistic due to the subjective nature of autism diagnosis (due to the lack of known biomedical indicators, such as blood tests, to definitively confirm or deny the actual existence of autism). Dr. Savage has also explained his belief that there have been efforts by certain professionals and professional organizations to expand diagnoses of autism more broadly, for various reasons, and his concern that this victimizes and stigmatizes children who are misdiagnosed as autistic. On multiple other occasions Dr. Savage has expressed his concerns that other conditions, such as ADD and ADHD, are overdiagnosed and result in improper medication of young children, which Dr. Savage regards as abusive.

In the context of his broader concerns, it is clear that Dr. Savage’s comments were intended to suggest his opinion that, in the vast majority of cases, most children throwing tantrums, or refusing to communicate, are not autistic. Unfortunately, by condensing his multifaceted concerns into 84 seconds of commentary, the necessary context for his remarks was not apparent, and the few words he used to express his concerns were, in this instance, inartfully phrased.

As a result, Dr. Savage’s comments did facially appear to be directed at children who suffer from autism, and clearly could be perceived as such. This has, in turn, caused understandable pain and distress to those who have a child or family member who is challenged by autism. This was not Dr. Savage’s intent, and, on behalf of the Network and all persons associated with the Network, we wish to note that our hearts go out to all families who are forced to face the realities of autism every day of their lives, and to sincerely apologize to these families for any increase in these burdens resulting from inartful commentary appearing in the Network’s programming.

While the phrasing of Dr. Savage’s remarks was inartful, after the aforementioned investigation, as well as personal knowledge of Dr. Savage’s strongly held views towards children and those dealing with special challenges, the Network is satisfied that he did not mean any disrespect to autistic children or their families but was instead reiterating his longstanding concerns on public health issues.

If you read the whole thing, you will see the words “Dr. Savage” 21 times – including twice in the same sentence four times (bolded) – and “84 seconds” six times.  In other words, Michael Savage/Weiner is a Very Learned Medical Man Who Knows A Lot About Autism by virtue of his PhD (not MD) in Epidemiology and Nutritional Science, and his comments where he said that “In 99 percent of the cases [of autism], it’s a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out” were taken out of the context of his tremendously compassionate body of work.  Oh, and he’s a Doctor.  Of, uh, some sort.

It’s just so unfair that so many people would jump to the conclusion that Doc Savage actually meant that 99% of autistic kids were really just brats with lousy parents, based on 84 seconds of Doc Savage saying it over and over again.  That poor man.

Hey, did you know that 99% of conservative talk radio hosts are bigoted psychopaths whose management never told them to cut the act out?

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