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Friday Quote & Cat Blogging

This week’s quote is from the Bergman classic, Wild Strawberries:

She has her hysteria, I have my Catholicism.

And, of course, there’ll be other people’s big cats:

Genuinely beautiful and moving.  Also interesting that the body language of affection is so similar to that of an ordinary housecat.

(h/t shadowy & mysterious Codename V.)

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Don Siegelman Is Very Angry.

Especially at Karl Rove:

While I served as Governor of Alabama from 1999-2003 and thereafter, Karl Rove and his right-wing political cronies targeted me through a malicious, unfounded, politically-motivated prosecution. I served 9 months in federal prison before the appeals court released me. And now, Karl Rove refuses to testify before Congress about his role in this whole nefarious scheme.

That’s outrageous. By ignoring a Congressional subpoena, Karl Rove has spit in the face of Congress and the American people. As Americans, we deserve to know the truth about how our Department of Justice was used by Karl Rove and his rogue band of political operatives as a political tool to win elections. Only Congress has the power to find the truth.

If Congress lets this politicization of the Department of Justice go unchecked and unpunished, then it could well become part of America’s political culture and happen again in the future. Congress needs to keep digging until they get to the truth. Our democracy and system of justice have to be restored. The American people need to have confidence that this kind of outrageous abuse of power is at least less likely to happen in the future.

That truth-finding starts by having Karl Rove under oath before the Judiciary Committee. We the People must insist that Congress do its job and hold Karl Rove in contempt for failing to obey a subpoena. The house of cards will start to fall soon thereafter.

What would happen to the unemployed steel worker, the housewife, or the taxi cab driver who ignored a subpoena? I give you one guess: They would be behind bars. Karl Rove is not above the law, and Congress needs to make that plain and clear to Karl Rove and to everybody else.

Please visit right now to forward an email to your Member of Congress today.

Our democracy will cease to exist as we know it if the government is allowed to use its power to prosecute their political opponents. This fight is not about me but about saving our democracy and restoring justice in America.

That’s why I’m asking you to write Congress today and urge them to act. When Congress holds Rove in contempt, the truth will begin to become exposed. This ball of string will come unraveled. The truth will be known.

I am in this fight not only for my own freedom but also to ensure that Karl Rove is held accountable for his sins.

Together, we can fight to get the full truth from Karl Rove and restore integrity to our system of justice. America deserves nothing less.

Don Siegelman is one of those unlucky public servants who has been at the business end of the corrupt Republican personal destruction machine.  He’s seen it up-close and first-hand in the worst possible way, and he understands just how unjust and evil it is.  (Governor Siegelman, meet Joe and Valerie Wilson.  Joe and Valerie Wilson, meet Don Siegelman.)

If you haven’t already, please visit his ContemptForRove site to send an e-mail to your congresscritter.  As long as Rove and the rest of them continue to skate, the next Republican administration will not hesitate to use the same dirty tactics or worse, secure in the knowledge that they will face no consequences.

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