David Ignatius, Reporting From Earth-Three

1 comment August 24th, 2008at 02:50pm Posted by Eli

Anyone here remember Earth-Three? The one where the Justice League Of America is evil, and Lex Luthor is the only superhero?  I think that must be where Ignatius is living these days – there, or Bizarro World.

By being as tough and unyielding as their GOP rivals, they won back control of Congress….

The titles — Pelosi’s “Know Your Power” and Reid’s “The Good Fight” — sound almost pugilistic. They reveal the mind-set that has made these leaders such effective partisan brawlers.

Pelosi and Reid are each throwbacks to the muscular Democratic Party of several generations ago….

These old-fashioned Democrats don’t just oppose Republicans; they actively dislike them….

Pelosi and Reid rose to leadership positions during the hyper-partisan years of Republican control of Congress, and it shows. They are the people who refused to be Swift-boated, DeLay-ed or otherwise crushed by the Republican attack machine. They attacked back and were as vengeful as the Republicans….

Obama (unlike Reid and Pelosi) is not someone you’d want at your side in a bar fight.

Wow.  You know, if Social Security weren’t “facing bankruptcy” in Iggy’s universe, I would totally want to move there.

(Also, if my understanding of a “generation” is correct, Ignatius is apparently referring to the bare-knuckled Democratic Party of the late 18th or early 19th century.)

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  • 1. Cujo359  |  August 25th, 2008 at 12:00 am

    I’d say that maybe he’s from the universe where Spock has a beard, but lately I’ve begun to think that’s the one we’re living in.

    You’ll be glad to know we’re not living in the one where Carter has bad hair, though.

    Ignatius really is off his rocker. It’s as though he hasn’t witnessed all the blank check “continuing resolutions”, the telecomm bailout version of FISA, and all the other “compromises” we’ve seen.

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