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August 13th, 2008at 11:40am Posted by Eli

Seur and Spain’s Olympic hoopsters:

A picture in a newspaper advertisement that a spokeswoman for the I.O.C. called “clearly inappropriate” has left the Spanish basketball team apologizing for its contents.

The Spanish men’s and women’s basketball team posed for the picture pulling on the skin behind their eyes to make it look as if they are Asian. The pictures have run in an advertisement for the Spanish courier company, Seur, in the Spanish sports daily, Marca, for the last month.

The Spanish coach and multiple team members, many of whom play in the N.B.A., said that the picture was taken out of context and they did so only after being implored to by Seur’s representatives.

“If anyone feels offended by it, we totally apologize for it,” the Spanish star Pau Gasol said. “We never meant anything offensive by it.”

Emmanuelle Moreau, a spokeswoman for the International Olympic Committee, said in an e-mail message: “We understand that the Spanish team intended no offense and has apologized. The matter rests there as far as the I.O.C. is concerned.”

Not everyone was as overtly apologetic as Gasol, who spoke Wednesday afternoon after practice at Beijing University of Language and Culture….

The Spanish Coach, Aito García Reneses, declined to apologize for the picture, which he said he had not seen. He did not appear in the picture. He said the intention was a joke….


Reneses compared the intent of the picture to the Spanish team going to play a taller team and taking a picture on their tip toes. He said the intent was not offensive.

Sure, or if they were playing an African team, they could all pose in blackface.  I’m sure that wouldn’t be offensive either.

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