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SR-71 Blackbird Photoblogging

So it turns out that San Diego has a pretty good Air & Space Museum of its own, of which I have taken many pictures.  Here are a couple of shots of the SR-71 Blackbird out front as a warmup:

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As Steve Martin once said:

Oh pointy birds
Oh pointy pointy
Anoint my head
Anointy nointy.

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Damage Control ≠ Governance

Once again, Team McPalin demonstrates its adherence to the Bush/Cheney approach to government:

It’s bad enough that a presidential ticket claiming to run on reform is now orchestrating a cover-up of an apparent abuse of power. What’s really stunning is that they’re conducting this cover-up in lieu of actually vetting Sarah Palin.

(Insert emptywheel’s typically thorough rundown of the Troopergate coverup)

And much of this evidence was available before McCain picked Palin as his running-mate.

Perhaps the McCain camp wasn’t aware of how much damning evidence there was against Palin, but on this issue (unlike, say, her fondness for earmarks), it appears that they knew the outlines and didn’t care. Rather than let clear evidence of a Rovian abuse of power disqualify Palin, the McCain campaign picked her anyway and instead implemented a cover-up.

And so, Palin’s selection followed by the cover-up says more than just that McCain will make rash, dangerous decisions because he hasn’t done his homework. It also suggests how he would “live with the consequences” of those ill-thought out decisions if he were President. He’d lie and obstruct his way out of them.

I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise. That’s not much different than the way the Administration has covered for its poor decision to invade Iraq, to make up stories about ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda, to sponsor whitewash investigations about the intelligence leading to Iraq, to even impede the investigations into the corrupt execution of the Iraq war. And it’s similar to the way McCain got out of his own biggest ethical morasse in the Keating scandal–to PR his way out of his own failures.

But the Iraq parallel demonstrates the problem with such a governing strategy: no matter how you try to spin it, such ill thought out decisions can results in thousands of deaths, not to mention the financial bankrupting of the country.

It’s not just bad decision-making that leads to disaster, it’s also a total lack of preparation.  The McCain campaign did minimal research on Palin, just as the Bush administration did minimal research on how to invade and occupy Iraq, and made zero preparations for Hurricane Katrina.  I would also suggest that Bush and McCain’s decisions are not as snap as everyone thinks, but rather that they are driven by political and ideological considerations rather than practical ones.  And given that modern conservatism is a thoroughly impractical and unrealistic ideology, disaster is inevitable.

Their organizing principle seems to be that actual outcomes don’t matter, because they can control the media coverage and spin that define our reality.  They don’t care about the real world consequences of their actions, only the political ones, and as long as they can manage those, there are no bad outcomes – for them, at least.

The really sad thing about all of this is that if the Republicans applied themselves to decision-making, preparation, and execution as much they do to spinning and covering up their errors, we could very well be talking about George W. Bush as one of the best presidents ever instead of the worst.  Of course, then they wouldn’t be Republicans…

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Quote Of The Day

Sarah Vowell, in today’s NYT:

Despite his consistent party-line voting record, some independents and Democrats still think of Senator McCain as the most palatable, independent-minded Republican. But this is the sort of empty compliment a friend of mine once compared to being called “the coolest Osmond.”

Can’t really put it much better than that, although it’s probably a bit harsh on the Osmonds…

September 7th, 2008 at 12:19pm Posted by Eli

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