The Republikons – Less Than Meets The Eye

September 21st, 2008at 03:13pm Posted by Eli

Claire McCaskill on the free-market Republicans, by way of Bob Geiger:

“Here is the thing that is killing me — it is just killing me,” said the Missouri Senator. “All of the folks who have been screaming: Deregulation, get government off our backs, evil government off our backs, big bad government off our backs, deregulate, deregulate, deregulate — in the last 24 hours there has been — do you remember the transformer toys that went from an animal to a massive machine? We have transformers around here.”

“These massive deregulation advocates all of a sudden say: We have to enforce rules on Wall Street. We have to regulate.”

McCaskill also jumped on how GOP opportunists like McCain — who are also scurrying to cover for their records over the last two decades — suddenly think government has a role in protecting American taxpayers and now advocate a law-and-order approach with their Wall-Street benefactors.

“They are enforcing it today. Why wasn’t it enforced last week? Why weren’t the rules enforced the week before? Why weren’t the rules enforced last year?” asked McCaskill. “They didn’t want to. It is pretty simple. Nobody wanted to enforce the rules. Why not? Because the titans of Wall Street were in charge. The titans of Wall Street have had their way with this White House.”


“Do you think we are dumb? You can’t transform overnight from a big bad deregulator to I am now the cop on the beat; I’ll take care of Wall Street. It is not honest. Be principled,” she demanded of her colleagues across the aisle. “If you are a deregulator and you want to live with these consequences, you want to say to the American people: Hey, when we deregulate, this is the risk. This is the risk we are taking with your money.”

“If the law is on the books and this administration is not enforcing it, they need to explain to the American public why the taxpayers are now on the hook for hundreds of billions of dollars because these guys didn’t think it was important to enforce the rules against their friends.”

Yeah; what she said.  The Republicans have absolutely zero credibility on this.

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