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Bitter Fruit

In case any of you were wondering whether the hatemongering of McCain, Palin, and all their minions is having a tangible effect beyond people shouting rude things at campaign rallies…

Boston, Providence, Cleveland, Seattle:

[A] senior ACORN staffer in Cleveland, after appearing on television this week, got an e-mail that said she “is going to have her life ended.”

A female staffer in Providence, R.I., got a threatening call from someone who said words to the effect of “We know you get off work at 9,” then uttered racial epithets, he said.


Separately, vandals broke into the group’s Boston and Seattle offices and stole computers….

The incidents came the day after McCain charged in the final presidential debate that ACORN’s voter-registration drive “may be perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history” and may be “destroying the fabric of democracy.”


[ACORN spokesman Brian] Kettenring said that ACORN had received growing amounts of hate mail in recent weeks, but “the campaign debate sort of tipped it over to a scary point, where raising allegations of voter fraud went from a cynical campaign ploy to really inciting racial violence.”

Since McCain’s remarks, ACORN’s 87 offices across the country have received hundreds of hostile e-mails, many of them containing racial slurs, Kettenring said. “We believe that these are specifically McCain supporters” sending the messages, he said.


Kettenring said that the bulk of the e-mails had been either “flat-out racist” or had racial overtones. Most of the group’s 400 members and about 80 percent of the 13,000 voter-registration canvassers are African-American or Latino.

Greensboro, NC:

I sidled up to one of the Obama supporters and asked why they were there, what they were trying to accomplish.

As he was telling me a large, bearded man in full McCain-Palin campaign regalia got in his face to yell at him.

“Hey, hey,” I said. “I’m trying to interview him. Just a minute, okay?”

The man began to say something about how of course I was interviewing the Obama people when suddenly, from behind us, the sound of a pro-Obama rap song came blaring out of the windows of a dorm building. We all turned our heads to see Obama signs in the windows.

This was met with curses, screams and chants of “U.S.A” by McCain-Palin folks who crowded under the windows trying to drown it out and yell at the person playing the stereo.

It was a moment of levity in an otherwise very tense situation and so I let out a gentle chuckle and shook my head.

“Oh, you think that’s funny?!” the large bearded man said. His face was turning red. “Yeah, that’s real funny…” he said.

And then he kicked the back of my leg, buckling my right knee and sending me sprawling onto the ground.

From my position there I saw the bottoms of a number of feet almost accidentally stomping me to death as the two political camps screamed back and forth, the music continued to blare and some of the Obama crowd moved the large bearded man and his friends away. When I was helped to my feet the bearded man was walking away quickly.

Mission accomplished.  This is exactly what to expect when you tell your supporters that the media are the enemy, that ACORN is the enemy, that Obama is the enemy.  Way to take the high road, Senator McCain.  Everything your crazy amped-up followers do is on your conscience, if you have one.

(h/t Twolf and Pam Spaulding)

October 17th, 2008 at 11:01pm Posted by Eli

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Friday Quote & Cat Blogging

This week’s quote is from Angels And Insects, with Kristin Scott Thomas, Patsy Kensit, and that guy from Primeval:

I shall mold her like a mushroom when my time comes.

I have no idea what that means.  I can quite honestly say that of all the impure urges I have had regarding the opposite sex, molding them like mushrooms has never been one of them.

And, of course, there’ll be other people’s kittens:

Aww. Sometimes it’s fun to torment the ones you love, just to show how much you care…

October 17th, 2008 at 09:32pm Posted by Eli

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Laptops Are Weird

This is so true…

(Comic by xkcd)

October 17th, 2008 at 11:11am Posted by Eli

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Best. Financial Crisis. Picture. Ever.

This is perfect:

(Image by Superpoop)

2 comments October 17th, 2008 at 07:29am Posted by Eli

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