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When Palin Supporters Attack

This is how worked up Sarah Palin’s fans get:

Jack B. Cheskaty, 62, of Grand Junction, said he pulled a handgun because “he wanted to be ready for anything” in what started as a verbal spat between drivers in bumper-to-bumper traffic leaving [a Palin Rally in] Lincoln Park around 8 p.m. Monday….

…A man behind the wheel of a Kia SUV attempted to inch in front of Cheskaty’s Chrysler, the affidavit said.

“If you want to get ahead of me you’ll have to deal with my insurance agency,” Cheskaty allegedly shouted.

The Kia’s driver reportedly replied, “I’ve got insurance too.”

The driver in the Kia alleged Cheskaty then displayed a handgun, “racked the slide” and held the weapon over the steering wheel, according to the affidavit.

A 14-year-old girl riding in the Kia noted, “Dad, he’s got a gun.”

Obviously, “I’ve got insurance too” is wingnut code for “LITTLE MAN, I WILL KILL YOU AND DRINK YOUR BLOOD,” and only Mr. Cheskaty’s quick thinking and borderline insanity averted a terrible tragedy.

(h/t Colorado Pols)

October 23rd, 2008 at 11:35pm Posted by Eli

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Everyone Else Expected The Spanish Inquisition

Surprise… and fear!

Every. Single. Time.

Greenspan claimed he was “shocked” because his model “was working exceptionally well” for 40 years, adding that the crisis is “broader than anything I could have imagined”:

GREENSPAN: I also want to discuss how my thinking has evolved and what I have learned this past year. In 2005, I raised concerns that the protracted period of the underpricing of risk if history was any guide would have dire consequences. The crisis, however, has turned out to be much broader than anything I could have imagined.


Bush administration officials seem to have a systemic lack of imagination, often claiming major — and predictable — crises simply caught them off guard:

9/11: “And I said, ‘No one could have imagined them taking a plane, slamming it into the Pentagon’ — I’m paraphrasing now — ‘into the World Trade Center, using planes as a missile.’” – Condoleezza Rice, to 9/11 Commission

Hurricane Katrina: “The destruction left by Katrina reaches beyond anything we could have imagined.” — Bush, 5/11/06

And Think Progress doesn’t even mention, say, the fact that Iraq was not a cakewalk… or a flowers-and-candy-walk.  Or that deregulating the food supply would result in a frightening spate of toxic food scares.

Of course, they weren’t really failures of imagination.  They were failures of interest, failures of integrity, failures of compassion.  The Republicans simply didn’t care what the outcomes were, so long as they got money and power.  To paraphrase Upton Sinclair, it is difficult to get a man to imagine something when his salary depends upon his not imagining it.

October 23rd, 2008 at 10:33pm Posted by Eli

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Irony Fail

This is pretty hilarious:

A new Republican ad appears to suggest that Barack Obama has all but won the presidential race, an argument several vulnerable Senate Republicans may have to reluctantly embrace with only days until Election Day, an expert in campaign advertising said.

Aimed at Kay Hagan, Sen. Elizabeth Dole’s surprisingly strong Democratic challenger in North Carolina, the 30-second spot from the National Republican Senatorial Committee warns voters against Democrats holding the White House and Congress, and flatly states that if Hagan wins, the party will “get a blank check.”

“These liberals want complete control of government in a time of crisis, all branches of government,” the ad’s narrator states. “No check and balances, no debate, no independence. That’s the truth behind Kay Hagan. If she wins, they get a blank check.”

They sure seemed okay with it in our last “time of crisis,” when we were all supposed to rally around the president and give him everything he wanted without any backtalk.

(h/t dakine)

October 23rd, 2008 at 09:32pm Posted by Eli

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What If This IS His Best Behavior?

Sounds like Joe McCain is hoping to be part of that long tradition of embarrassing presidential siblings:

He called the police emergency line because he was angry he was stuck in traffic.

The 911 call came into the City of Alexandria on Oct. 21st That’s creating some buzz because it appears to come from Joe McCain, John McCain’s brother.

Operator: 911 state your emergency

Caller: It’s not an emergency but do you know why on one side at the damn drawbridge of 95traffic is stopped for 15 minutes and yet traffic’s coming the other way?

Operator: Sir, are you calling 911 to complain about traffic? (pause)

Caller: “(Expletive) you.” (caller hangs up)


But that wasn’t all. McCain apparently called 911 again, to complain about the message the operator just left him, warning him such use of 911 is criminal.

Appears to be Joe McCain: Somebody gave me this riot act about the violation of police.

Operator: Did you just call 911 in reference to this?

Appears to be Joe McCain: Yeah.

Operator: 911 is to be used for emergencies only not just because you’re sitting in traffic.

I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from, uh, the other apple.  Has anyone told Joe The Brother that maybe John won’t be president?

(h/t Raising Kaine)

October 23rd, 2008 at 08:36pm Posted by Eli

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Obama Continues To Collect Remorseful Right-Wing Tool Endorsements

Scottie McClellan!

W00t!!!  This should totally lock up the, um, uh…  Well, I’m not really sure whose vote it’ll lock up.

October 23rd, 2008 at 07:16pm Posted by Eli

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Can’t Wait To See This

I guess this is what happens when you pick a running mate you don’t even know:

Commenting on a new joint interview with John McCain and Sarah Palin, NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd described the Republican ticket as lacking cohesion, chemistry, and (he hinted) trust.

“There was a tenseness,” Todd told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. “I couldn’t see chemistry between John McCain and Sarah Palin. I felt as if we grabbed two people and said ‘here, sit next to each other, we are going to conduct an interview.’ They are not comfortable with each other yet.”

Todd, who was remarking on the interview conducted by NBC’s Brian Williams (he was in the room), speculated that the candidates had come to the realization that “they are losing” the campaign, and guessed that McCain may have begun to hold his vice presidential choice responsible for his dwindling White House chances.

“When you see the two of them together, the chemistry is just not there. You do wonder, is John McCain starting to blame her for things? Blaming himself? Is she blaming him?” asked the highly regarded NBC newsman. “And maybe they don’t feel they can win right now, so they are missing that intensity. That was the thing that struck me more than anything. You almost wonder why they wanted the two of them sitting next to each other.”

I remember in the weeks after McCain announced her as his running mate, when the body language between them was awkward in a different way – McCain looked like the infatuated guy chasing her around the stage, while Palin looked repulsed and desperately trying to keep her distance.  I was expecting this to be one of the big untold stories of the election, something that just subliminally turned voters off, but they cut way back on joint appearances, so it kinda went away.

I do think it’s safe to say that when one half of the ticket thinks the other half is creepy, good chemistry is probably never going to happen.

October 23rd, 2008 at 11:28am Posted by Eli

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Gordon Smith Poisons His Constituents

And everyone else:

I just got a Sierra Club press release with some very gross information about Gordon Smith’s company, Smith Frozen Foods.  Apparently, Smith Frozen Foods started storing partially treated sewage from the town of Weston into his company’s wastewater pond in the 1980s, when Smith was directly controlling the company.  That’s fine, it’s what companies do when they have lots of land and the ability to handle partially treated sewage.  Here’s what’s not fine.

This water is then used to irrigate cropland, in violation of Department of Environmental Quality regulations.  A mutual agreement between Smith and the [Department of Environmental Quality] indicates that this irrigation likely violated state regulations.

There’s more.

On more than one occasion, Smith Frozen Foods, the company owned by Gordon Smith, has violated Oregon’s laws against having coliform bacteria in their drinking water.  The presence of coliform bacteria may indicate environmental contamination, fecal contamination or E. coli bacteria.

What is coliform bacteria?

Coliform bacteria are organisms that are present in the environment and in the feces of all warm-blooded animals and humans.

That is completely gross, but totally in character for Republicans.  Rick Perlstein has documented what he calls ‘e coli conservative’ policies has led to contamination of, among other foods, spinach, peanut butter, tomatoes, Taco Bell lettuce, mushrooms, pet food, and more.  You just don’t expect a Republican Senator to actually grow and sell these contaminants for millions of dollars (which he then used to stay in office).  Usually, it’s a little less direct than that, large agribusiness bribes the Republicans to do their bidding, and then these companies drop sewage into our food supplies.  I guess in these hard times, Gordon Smith has decided to cut out the middleman.

Most Republicans are content to peddle sewage metaphorically, but Gordo goes all-out.  He is literally telling us to eat shit and die.

October 23rd, 2008 at 07:18am Posted by Eli

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