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Just Like Hitler

Wait, I thought gay marriage was just like Hitler?

People who begin with the premise that the Democrats must be wrong find inexplicable the electorate’s apparent embrace of the Democratic message on healthcare, the economy, the war(s), social security, and energy security.

Comes now one “Dr. William D. Horton” (with an assist from Dr. Rush Limbaugh) to explain this seeming contradiction between what they take to be the natural order and the consensual reality we seem to inhabit.

Can you guess what they say explains Barack Obama’s national appeal?

No, it’s not the substance — that’s ruled out by hypothesis. It’s….wait for it…..hypnosis.

Yes, in this demented worldview, the US of A is being subjected to nearly diabolical mind control as the soothing slow voice of Barack Obama gently eases the viewing public to surrender its reason and its freedom via the application of neurolinguistic programming. It’s so controlling, so clever, so soothing, that it’s JUST LIKE HITLER. (As Dave Barry says, I am not making this up. The video being circulated by these guys culminates with footage of Hitler and jackboots.) The only way to survive is DON’T LISTEN TO HIM.


Links to a nutty article and crazier video for those strong of stomach.

And of course, as any wingnut will tell you, “Nazi” is short for “National SOCIALIST”.

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PAlin Sports Geography Fail


According to a source in the audience Sarah Palin got a big arousing boo when she took the [stage] in Erie just minutes ago. Palin was not properly prepared and congratulated the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. Any local could have told her that wasn’t the local team of choice.

Yeah, PA may not be as big as Alaska, but it’s a big enough state to have baseball teams on either side of it, and Erie is firmly on the Pittsburgh Pirates side of the state, and could care less about the Phillies.  Way to rub it into the fans whose team hasn’t had a winning season in 16 years.

(h/t emptywheel)

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Not Yet Done With The Vintage Grand Prix Photoblogging

Yes, I still have plenty of Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix photos left.  And after that, it’s on to Philadelphia!
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Keeping-my-own-reflection-out-of-the-photo Fail.

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I’m pretty sure this is the same interior I shot back in 2006.

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So yellow it was painful.

October 30th, 2008 at 11:17am Posted by Eli

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Republicans Run Torturer For Congress

Yes, that’s right – Republicans still don’t know the difference between 24 and the real world, so they think torturers are actually war heroes:

In August 2003, Colonel Allen West – commanding a US unit in Baghdad – heard a rumour that one of the Iraqi policeman he was working with was a secret insurgent. He ordered his officers to go and seize Yehiya Hamoodi, a thin, bespectacled 31-year-old, from his home. They dragged him into a Humvee, beat him, and then handcuffed, shackled and blindfolded him. In a dank interrogation room, they told him he had better start talking.

Perplexed and terrified, Yehiya explained he didn’t know what they were talking about: why was he here? So West was called in. He told Yehiya he was going to be killed. While his men beat him again, he explained he had one last chance to save his life – by talking.

Yehiya protested: I am innocent! What are you talking about? So West took him outside, had him pinned down, and began to shoot. First he fired into the air. Then he ordered his men to ram Yehiya’s head into a barrel used for cleaning weapons – and fired right next to his head. Then he began to count down from five. Finally Yehiya began to scream out names – any name he could think of, just to make it stop.

The men he named were seized and roughed up in turn. No evidence was found of any plot, and after another 45 days of terror, Yehiya was released. Today, he is severely traumatised, and collapses when he sees a Humvee approaching. The story only came to light after one of West’s soldiers began to protest against these practices, and the Pentagon launched an investigation. At a pre-trial hearing, West was fined $5,000, and now concedes grudgingly: “It’s possible I was wrong about Mr Hamoodi.” But he says he would do it again, and again, and again.

West has even taken to joking about it, gaining applause for telling Republican audiences: “It wasn’t torture. Seeing Rosie O’Donnell naked would be torture.” But the 1994 Convention Against Torture, to which the US is a signatory, is explicit: “Threat of imminent death” is the third form of torture it outlaws. There are reams of studies showing it can traumatise a person for life.


West’s “toughness” is fawned over; one leading conservative magazine has even named him its Man of the Year. And Sarah Palin, the Party’s darling, mocks Barack Obama’s opposition to torture. She complains: “Al-Qaida terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America [and] he’s worried that someone won’t read them their rights.”…


The gap between the Republican and Democratic Parties is too narrow, but on this issue it is hefty. The Republicans have curdled into the Party of Torture, bullying their torture-victim nominee into backing their barbarism, and proudly picking a torturer as their candidate for Congress. That sound of screaming from inside the Palin-drome isn’t just from fawning Republicans – it’s from men like Yehiya.

That last paragraph says it all.  It’s pretty hard to deny being the party of torturers when you actually run one for Congress.

For those who are wondering, West is running against first-term Democratic incumbent Ron Klein in FL-22.  It’s a district Kerry won in ’04, and Klein is favored, so hopefully we won’t actually end up with a torturer in Congress.  But again, it’s telling that the Republicans would not only field a torturer for major public office, but actually believe that his background is a selling point.

(h/t Eureka Springs, AR and Stephen Soldz)

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