Gibbs Vs. Hannity: Almost But Not Quite

October 8th, 2008at 10:14pm Posted by Eli

Good news, bad news.

The good news is that Obama Communications Director Robert Gibbs called Hannity out for hosting repulsive anti-semite Andy Martin on his show to smear Obama as William Ayers’ terrorist catspaw.  The bad news is that, in my opinion, he didn’t seal the deal.

Two, maybe three, things I would have liked to see:

1) Hannity’s principal defense was that he frequently invites people onto his show that he disagrees with, making no distinction between “guests” that he badgers, shouts down, and generally attempts to discredit, and guests that he respectfully treats as Learned Authorities.

So while Hannity claims that he finds Martin’s anti-semitism despicable, he listened raptly to everything he had to say, in contrast to his treatment of Mr. Gibbs, who he began shouting down as soon as his line of attack became apparent.  Gibbs did point out that Hannity gave Martin a platform, but he only made the point once and was partially drowned out.  I would have loved for him to say something like, “You let an anti-semite talk on your show for six minutes, but you won’t even give me thirty seconds.”

And if that bought him some breathing room, then…

2) Funny how all three examples Hannity gave of people that he interviewed and didn’t agree with were Al Sharpton, Malcolm Shabazz, and Khalid Abdul Muhammed, all of whom are black, and all of whom, as far as I can tell, are pretty damn anti-semitic (he also inexplicably asked Gibbs whether Obama had ever met with Louis Farrakhan, which appears to be a matter of great speculation in racist wingnut circles).

That seems like a strange way to make the case that you’re not anti-semitic, but more importantly, I would have liked to see Gibbs ask Hannity why he was naming exclusively black anti-semitic boogeymen – is it because he wants people to associate Obama with them?  Is Hannity not just anti-semitic, but anti-black as well?  Is he just a flat-out bigot who hates everyone who’s not a white heterosexual male?  Alas, Gibbs was so focused on driving home his anti-semitism talking point that he was unable to pivot to the enormous opportunity Hannity was giving him.

3) Hannity also made a big indignant deal about how he’s been a staunch supporter of Israel for the last thirty years.  Not sure how much good it would have done, but I would have liked to see Gibbs point out that being anti-semitic and anti-Israel are not necessarily the same thing.  Maybe Hannity is pro-Israel simply because he hates Muslims even more than he hates Jews, or maybe he’s one of those fundie Christians who believe that you can’t have Teh Rapture without Israel.  I would bet money that his head would explode if his daughter tried to marry one.

Anyway, to sum up, Hannity is a vile racist bastard, and I hope that someday everyone realizes it.  That goes for Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, and all the rest of the right-wing hate merchants.

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