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Well, it’s good to see confirmation that women aren’t buying Sarah Palin’s I’m-just-like-you schtick:

A new poll of 600 female voters found that most view Hillary Clinton as a better mom, role model and leader than Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the first woman to be named to a Republican ticket.


The random telephone survey of 600 female voters – conducted for Shezoom.com, a new website devoted to topics of interest to women – included both personal and political questions about Palin and Clinton.

Clinton – whose popularity seems to have only risen since she ended her own White House bid – beat Palin in every category.

If somehow Palin and Clinton end up at the top of their party’s tickets in 2012, for instance, the former First Lady would make moose-meat out of the Alaska governor, 61% to 27%

Nearly three times as many women think Clinton would do a better job dealing with the economy and with foreign leaders, and women are twice as likely to say they trust Clinton than Palin.

Clinton even beats Palin, a mother of five, in the parenting department – 35% think Clinton has been a better mother, compared to 24% who picked Palin.

“I think there is probably a Chelsea factor there,” said Shezoom.com CEO Stacey Artandi, noting that many voters see the Clinton’s 28-year-old daughter as a poised young woman “who is very much a reflection of Hillary.”

Beyond that, women say Clinton has struck a better “work/life balance” by a 44%-to-32% margin.

And 53% believe Clinton is a better role model for women, compared to 33% who choose Palin.

I’m not sure how credible this poll is, but those results sure are lopsided.

Also worth noting that when I looked, the NY Daily News online reader poll was running 78-22 in favor of Hillary on the presidential question, and trustworthy sources tell me that the News is a pretty Republican paper.

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  • 1. Spear and Magic  |  October 7th, 2008 at 12:12 am

    It’s numbers like these that make me hope that the fringe right gets their way and Palin is the Republican nominee in 2012 if they lose this year.

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