Hoist By Her Own Personnel Board?

2 comments October 12th, 2008at 03:04pm Posted by Eli

Hey, remember when Sarah Palin filed an ethics complaint against herself with the State Personnel Board to try to pre-empt the legislature’s Troopergate investigation?  How her lawyer and the McCain campaign made such a big deal about how her pet investigation was the only legitimate one, and the legislature’s was a partisan witchhunt (despite being dominated by Republicans)?

Um, about that…

Some weeks ago, the McCain team devised a plan to have Palin file an ethics complaint against herself with the State Personnel Board, arguing that it alone was capable of conducting a fair, nonpartisan inquiry into whether she fired Monegan because he refused to fire Wooten, who had been involved in a messy custody battle with her sister. Some Democrats ridiculed the move, noting that the personnel board answered to Palin. But the board ended up hiring an aggressive Anchorage trial lawyer, Timothy Petumenos, as an independent counsel. McCain aides were chagrined to discover that Petumenos was a Democrat who had contributed to Palin’s 2006 opponent for governor, Tony Knowles. Palin is now scheduled to be questioned next week, and the counsel’s report could be released soon after. “We took a gamble when we went to the personnel board,” said a McCain aide who asked not to be identified discussing strategy. While the McCain camp still insists Palin “has nothing to hide,” it acknowledges a critical finding by Petumenos would be even harder to dismiss.


I think the only card Palin can play at this point is to use this as “proof” that filing an ethics complaint against herself was a sign of her high ethical standards, and not a cynical excuse to duck the real investigation.

Which is all well and good, provided that Petumenos doesn’t release anything embarrassing before the election.  Or isn’t allowed to.

(h/t bmaz)

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  • 1. PalinBaby Question  |  October 13th, 2008 at 1:38 am

    Here are two websites that are gathering information about Palin’s other ethical question – whether she is telling the truth about who are Trig Palin’s parents:



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