October 27th, 2008at 07:57pm Posted by Eli

This could have been a great picture with a real camera…

I didn’t actually think I would end up at the Obama rally in Pittsburgh today, because the invite said it was at 3PM.  But since people were still filing in when I got off work, I figured what the hell.

Unfortunately, since I didn’t think I would be there, I didn’t bother to take my camera along, so I couldn’t get any decent photos at all.  And my Treo battery was almost dead, so I couldn’t even attempt to liveblog it (which probably would have been a bad idea on a cellphone anyway).  Oh, and I was sitting behind a flatulent toddler.  But, um, other than that, it was great! The audience was fired up, as you might expect.

Best quote, after he said something about McCain: “Don’t need to boo; just vote.”  My favorite part, though, was when Obama returned to the theme of his 2004 keynote address, which has become especially relevant now: That despite what the Republicans say to try to divide us and make us hate and fear one another, we are still all Americans, and every part of America is, in fact, America.

Republicans have been calling Democrats un-American for as long as I can remember, and they’ve rarely been called on it, and never paid a price for it.  Until this year.

Michelle Bachmann calls Obama and some indeterminate number of congresscritters anti-American, and ends up trying to backtrack as she finds herself suddenly trailing an unknown opponent who racked up a million dollars in donations in just a few days after she let her McCarthy freak flag fly.

Sarah Palin refers to the “real America” and the “pro-America” parts of the country, and ends up backtracking and trying to explain herself.  As the McCain campaign sinks lower and lower into the gutter, so do its poll numbers.  Sowing fear and hate and division is becoming toxic and shameful rather than just admirable hardball politics, and the Republican Atwater/Rove gameplan is no longer effective as a result.

Now that is the change we need.

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