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Me in May 2006:

What I want to see the Democrats do this time is refuse to play the Republicans’ game, but call them on it instead. Rather than simply saying, “We do too hate terrorists and gay people just as much as the Republicans! More, even!”, call the Republicans on what they’re doing. Say, “The Republicans have failed and dishonored this country in every way imaginable, and all they can do is campaign on hate and fear. Do they think you’re that easy to distract? Is this all they think you care about?” Americans love to congratulate themselves on their bullshit-detecting abilities, and therefore hate being played. Unfortunately, they hate admitting that they’ve been played even more, which is why so many still cling to the idea that the Republicans actually want what’s best for America, and why the Democrats have to make it very explicit and impossible to dismiss or ignore.

The Multi Medium Manifesto, about a month later (referencing that same post):

The Democrats must start calling the Republicans on their strategy of using smears, fear, and hate every single election. They must make voters realize just how stupid, cowardly, bigoted, and easily distracted the Republicans think they are. When the American people finally reject these tactics, the Republicans will have nothing left – it’s not like they can run on their record or their policy positions.

Today’s Frank Rich column:

For eight years, we’ve been told by those in power that we are small, bigoted and stupid — easily divided and easily frightened. This was the toxic catechism of Bush-Rove politics. It was the soiled banner picked up by the sad McCain campaign, and it was often abetted by an amen corner in the dominant news media….

Almost every assumption about America that was taken as a given by our political culture on Tuesday morning was proved wrong by Tuesday night.

I would have liked to have seen the Democrats more explicitly call the Republicans out for that strategy, but based on the backlash against the ugliness of the McCain campaign (not to mention the even-uglier Liddy Dole campaign), it looks like the American people figured it out all by themselves.  Although, as Rich also notes, it would have been nice to see the GOP’s appeals to homophobia rejected as decisively (or at all).  Still, it’s tremendous progress, and something I never would have believed possible four years ago.

Rich also offers up this thing of beauty that I just have to share:

Even the North Carolina county where Palin expressed her delight at being in the “real America” went for Obama by more than 18 percentage points.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Why does “real America” hate America?

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  • 1. Cujo359  |  November 9th, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    When I see the voters reject that sort of fear and hatred when we aren’t headed into a recession caused by the Republicans, I’ll start to believe that they’ve caught on. Meanwhile, I’m going to assume it’s because they’re pissed that their 401Ks disappeared.

    Every voter votes for his own reasons, and not all voters vote the same way for the same reasons.

  • 2. Eli  |  November 9th, 2008 at 10:13 pm

    Even not letting fear and hatred override pocketbook concerns is progress.

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