Am I Getting Too Paranoid?

1 comment December 17th, 2008at 07:53am Posted by Eli

Quite frankly, I only trust the Democratic leadership a tiny bit more than I trust the GOP, so maybe I’m reading too much into this:

Getting on the House Ways and Means Committee isn’t easy. Some lawmakers spend years demonstrating their case to leadership, showing their fund-raising prowess and building a legislative record.

And there’s no better time to be a committee Democrat than now — unless, apparently, you’re Raul M. Grijalva.

The Arizona Democrat did the unthinkable Tuesday, declining a Ways and Means seat that he had won just last week, giving up the chance to shape tax, trade and health-care policy in the 111th Congress.

In a statement, Grijalva said the spot on the exclusive panel would have forced him to give up his chairmanship of the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands on the House Committee on Natural Resources. There, he plans to continue working on issues such as preventing uranium mining in the Grand Canyon.

Public lands are “where his passion lies,” spokeswoman Natalie Luna said.

She said Grijalva did not seek the coveted Ways and Means appointment this time around, although he did two years ago.

That’s in contrast to the usual pattern. Several of the other four Democrats who won Ways and Means seats — Brian Higgins of New York, Danny K. Davis of Illinois, John Yarmuth of Kentucky and Bob Etheridge of North Carolina — actively sought the job.

Okay, so – a progressive Democrat with a “passion” for protecting public lands gets offered a coveted Ways and Means seat that he didn’t even ask for… but the rules would require him to surrender the chair of his environmental subcommittee.  Does that sound fishy to anyone else but me?  Like maybe the party leadership didn’t want him chairing that subcommittee, but didn’t want to be obvious about it, so they tried to entice him into surrendering it voluntarily rather than preventing him from attaining it in the first place?

Is it time for me to don the Tinfoil Hat Of Shame?

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  • 1. woody  |  December 17th, 2008 at 11:58 am

    You know the 9-letter word meaning “always thinking someone is out to get you?”

    On the same line of reasoning, it seems at least plausible that Obama might have chosen Ken Salazar as Sec-Int to get hi m OUT of the Senate, where he was a reliable ally of Joe Lieberman and Evan Bayh…

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