The New Ethics Standard

December 10th, 2008at 04:38pm Posted by Eli

If the investigation concludes that your actions were unethical and inappropriate but not actually illegalyou’re cleared!

Cable TV scored a victory Tuesday when congressional investigators issued a devastating report that accuses FCC chairman Kevin Martin of manipulating data so that he might force changes on the industry.

In the report that exceeds 100 pages, Democratic lawmakers also criticize Martin, a Republican, of a “heavy-handed, opaque and non-collegial management style.”

Martin is accused of manufacturing evidence in order to prove that a la carte cable TV pricing would be beneficial to consumers and that the so-called 70/70 Rule had been met, therefore giving the FCC far more regulatory sway over cablers.


Although the report is extraordinarily critical of Martin, it does not accuse him of criminal behavior. Republicans seized on that fact and defended Martin for what they call his efforts to introduce more choice and cheaper prices to cable customers.

“It appears that the committee did not find or conclude that there were any violations of rules, laws or procedures following a yearlong investigation,” FCC spokesman Robert Kenny said. “Chairman Martin has followed the same procedures that have been followed for the past 20 years by FCC chairmen, both Democratic and Republican alike.”

Why does this sound so familiar…

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin “abused her power” as Alaska’s governor in seeking to get her former brother-in-law fired from his job as a state trooper, a state legislative investigative report said last night.

While the report found that Palin violated the state’s ethics law that bans public officials from using their offices for personal gain, it did not say whether Palin should be censured by the Legislature or whether the matter should be referred for criminal investigation….


Sarah Palin refused to testify before the committee, much to its displeasure. The report said that while Palin could fire Monegan “for almost any reason, or no reason at all,” it was “impermissible” to put pressure on Monegan to fire Wooten. Such efforts “create conflicts of interests for subordinate employees who must choose to either please a superior or run the risk of facing that superior’s displeasure and the possible consequences of such displeasure,” the report said.

“Today’s report shows that the Governor acted within her proper and lawful authority in the reassignment of Walt Monegan,” [the McCain] campaign said in a statement last night. “The report also illustrates what we’ve known all along: this was a partisan-led inquiry run by Obama supporters and the Palins were completely justified in their concern regarding Trooper Wooten given his violent and rogue behavior.

My bad – apparently you’re vindicated even if you do break the occasional little ethics law.

(Note: New standard only valid for Republicans; Democrats will be held ethically responsible for the actions of anyone they have ever had a conversation with.)

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