This Can Only Be Good For Republicans

December 7th, 2008at 09:44am Posted by Eli

Tom Curry at MSNBC presents the economy as largely a liability for the Republicans in 2010, but I worry that it will be the exact opposite.  Odds are pretty good that: A) Whatever idiotic plans the Republicans advocate will be defeated, and B) The economy will continue to tank, or at least underperform.

Which will allow the Republicans to blame everything on Obama and the Democrats, because their own terrible plans never get exposed for the trainwrecks they are (that’s what the last eight years were for).  Their narrative will be something along the lines of:

“Okay, yeah, we may have had a teensy bit of responsibility for the initial meltdown, but Obama and the Democrats are prolonging the problem.  If they had just embraced our very bipartisan plan to deregulate everything and cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires, the economy would be doing so much better than it is now.  The American people need a Republican Congress so we can pass our brilliant economy-saving ideas and block the Democrats’ terrible economy-destroying ones.”

Sure, it’d be total bullshit, but all they really have to do is point out that the Democratic policies aren’t fixing the economy, and then claim that that’s proof that Republican policies would, and I bet they can find enough frustrated suckers to actually win some elections based on that fallacy.

Of course, if Obama and the Democrats actually do make some visible progress on the economy with policies that the Republicans oppose kicking and screaming, the GOP is totally screwed unless they can find a way to take credit.  (“Our principled opposition to the Democrats’ totally unworkable plans is what forced them to reshape them into the incredibly effective and successful policies you see today” would probably be the best and most likely way to go.)

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