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Sentences I Wish I’d Never Read

From Bill Madden’s NY Daily News column on Joe Torre’s tell-all book about the Yankees:

Up front, I must say it’s a compelling read, even if Yankee trainer Steve Donohue rubbing Roger Clemens’ testicles with extra hot liniment before every start was probably more information than I needed to know.


Jebus, Roger can’t even rub his own testicles with extra hot liniment, he has to have “people” to do that for him?  Ah, the life of a pampered super-rich batshit insane pro athlete.

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Dubya’s Self-Fulfilling Tax Prophecy

Yet another reminder of why my hatred for George W. Bush is virtually limitless:

He said this over and over during the 2004 campaign. His team must have thought it was a mighty clever talking point. It was so much fun to see the President of the United States, with control over the IRS, helpfully explain that the rich evade taxes and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

7/14/2004 THE PRESIDENT: …People need to be aware of this talk out of Washington, D.C. that says, oh, don’t worry, we’re just going to tax the rich. That’s not the way it works in the tax code. The big rich dodge taxes, anyway. It’s companies like this who end up paying more taxes.
8/3/2004 THE PRESIDENT: …He said, tax the rich. You’ve heard that before haven’t you? You know what that means. The rich dodge and you pay.
8/13/2004 THE PRESIDENT:…I’ll give you one other thought. Let me just leave you with one other thought about taxing the rich. You know how that works. A lot of the rich are able to get accountants, so they don’t — they’re able to dodge. You’ve seen it before. We’re going to tax the rich, and then they figure out how not to get taxed.
8/28/2004 THE PRESIDENT: …Every time they say, tax the rich, the rich dodge and you pay.
9/1/2004 THE PRESIDENT: …You know what it means, tax the rich. It means the rich dodge and you get stuck with the bill.
9/3/2004 THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, we’ve heard that before, haven’t we? First of all, you can’t raise enough money by taxing the rich to support all his programs. Secondly, the rich figure out a way to dodge it, and you get stuck with the bill.
9/7/2004 THE PRESIDENT:Yes. Oh, don’t worry, we’ll tax the rich. Well, that’s why the rich hire accountants and lawyers. They dodge, you pay…
10/11/2004 THE PRESIDENT: …Something else about taxing the rich — the rich hire lawyers and accountants for a reason, to dodge the tax bill and stick you with it.

This is the same guy who eliminated half of the IRS lawyers who audit the rich, and went after the middle class more often with audits and scrutiny.

In other words, the state of affairs which he used as a pathetic excuse to not raise upper-income taxes was one which he himself perpetuated.  And you know, if he really was sincere about the wealthy’s ability to dodge taxes, then why not raise upper-bracket tax rates and reap the public-relations bonanza, secure in the knowledge that no-one who matters would ever actually take a hit?

What an evil, dishonest man.

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Wingnut Welfare Reform

World's Smallest Violin

Oh, what a terrible depressing shame:

As the end of the first quarter approaches and we near the production phase of Pajamas TV, we will continue to build our emphasis in this area. As a result we have decided to wind down the Pajamas Media Blogger and advertising network effective March 31, 2009. The PJM portal and the XPressBlogs will continue as is.

Since our ad relationship continues for the time being, you should note that in order to be paid for the 1st quarter of 2009, you must leave the current Pajamas ads up until 12:01AM April 1. We will be sending you information in mid-March on removing the ads. As of April 1, 2009, you will be free to arrange syndication or re-sale deals.

We thank you very much for participating during the formative years of Pajamas Media and we look forward to working with you in other ways. One of those is, of course, Pajamas TV. If you have any ideas in that regard, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our best wishes in the new year and again our deepest gratitude for your participation in Pajamas Media.


Roger L. Simon

CEO, Pajamas Media

What this means is that as of April 1, I am officially out of work. So save going to a pay model, this site will likely have to shut down.

Small price to pay for helping PJM pick up an audience and credibility during its “formative years.”

It’s so unfair!  All those bloggers who shilled for the party of self-reliance and personal responsibility now have to go out and find actual jobs!  Oh, the indignity!

If only they had a sugardaddy like Soros who would support them through thick and thin like us lucky ducky liberals do.  (Yes, they actually believe that.)

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Admission Of Failure

Dean Baker is not happy with the vague “officials say” reporting of the Washington Post, but I’m more pissed off about this part here:

At one point, it even is so polite to tell us that the administration doesn’t want to limit executive compensation as part of getting welfare from taxpayers because “officials” are worried that such limits would discourage banks from participating.


Who cares if some banks don’t participate in getting handouts? Citibank, Bank of America, and many other major banks have no choice. They will go bankrupt without assistance. If some banks actually can get by without the government’s assistance, why would we want to force it on them?

If their toxic assets have really frozen lending, although not actually jeopardized their solvency, then the shareholders would have a great lawsuit against any bank executive who refused to act in the interest of the shareholders in order to preserve their own high pay. Such instances would presumably be rare, but could nonetheless provide a great source of free entertainment to a nation suffering through a severe downturn.

In short, there is good reason to believe that the Obama administration is trying to slip hundreds of billions of dollars to bank shareholders and their top management. The Washington Post seems to be helping.

It was bad enough when the Bush administration crippled the executive compensation limits in the bailout; it’s even more infuriating to read that the Obama administration wants to do the exact same thing.

Look, a request for TARP funds should be viewed as an admission of failure, and failed executives should be rewarded as such.  If they don’t want to take our money, then they can either earn their fat paychecks by trying to muddle their banks out of trouble without outside aid, or they can take an even bigger pay cut when their banks fold or fire their sorry, unable-to-manage-risk asses.

And for opportunistic banks that don’t actually need TARP funds but want them anyway, bringing in all that free money will look a lot less attractive to senior management when it means a pay cut instead of a raise.

There needs to be enough of a disincentive so that only the most desperate banks seek TARP bailout money, and I can think of few disincentives better than pay cuts.  Make the CEOs have to actually pay for our money.

January 31st, 2009 at 01:21pm Posted by Eli

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