But Does Obama Have The Proportionate Progressiveness Of A Spider?

January 9th, 2009at 07:47am Posted by Eli

Well, this is cool but somewhat bizarre…

Inspired by the revelation that the incoming president collected the super hero’s comics as a kid, Marvel Comics is drawing the world’s most famous fanboy into the next issue of “Amazing Spider-Man,” on sale next Wednesday.

“When we read that we thought, ‘Oh my God the future Commander-in-chief is actually the future nerd-in-chief,'” said Joe Quesada, Marvel’s top editor.

“With a geek in the White House, we just had to give him a shout back. It’s just the coolest thing ever.”

In the 5-page tongue-in-cheek story, Obama’s Inauguration is interrupted by the appearance of a second Obama – who is likely one of Spider-Man’s nefarious arch-enemies.

Spider-Man makes Obama and his doppelganger play basketball to figure out which one is real (or possibly just for his own amusement), and exchanges a terrorist fist-bump with the president-elect as the impostor is led away.  I especially liked the panel in the USA Today photo gallery where Spidey says, “I think Biden’s still mad I confused him for the Vulture on the train that one time.”

Needless to say, this all proves that Marvel and Spider-Man are objectively pro-terrorist.  Or pro-Nazi.  Or something.

Hey, Quesada says he would have put McCain in the comic (presumably without the Spider-mandated pickup basketball game) if the Maverick were a Spider-Man fan – it’s not his fault McCain’s a terrible candidate and a Batman fan. Perhaps if McCain had won, Batman could have used a piloting and skirt-chasing contest to identify the President-Elect’s evil twin.  McCain would then call Batman “My friend,” only to be rebuffed with “I have no friends,” or something similarly grim.  Of course, DC would have to bring him back to life first.  Batman, I mean.

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